Chaotic Throne 2.1: Gracia Part 1

Vitality System

A vitality system that provides bonus experience during hunting has been added.

Vitality Points can be acquired when your characters are offline, in a peace zone, or hunting Raid Bosses.

When you accumulate Vitality Points and raise your Vitality Level, the bonus experience points that you acquire increase in proportion to your Vitality Level.

When you obtain experience points by hunting regular monsters rather than bosses or raid monsters, Vitality Points are consumed.

You can check your character's Vitality Level by vieeither your Status Window or your Character Status Page.

There are four levels of vitality:

  • Level 1 - 150% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 2 - 200% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 3 - 250% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 4 - 300% increase in experience gain.

Battle System Changes


Characters and monsters have had their close-range physical damage increased.

A damage bonus based on the proximity between the target and the attacker has been added.

The distance between the attacker and the target now influences the damage of long range physical attacks.

Poison and Bleed-type skills have had their damage increased.

A character's resistance status will now have the possibility of decreasing the duration of debuffs.

New Skills



The new skill "Vanguard" has been added for all Knight classes.  This skill can first be acquired at level 43.

A dual-sword or two-handed sword are required for all Vanguard stance-specific skills. Paladins and Temple Knights will utilize the two-handed swords, while Dark Avengers and Shilen Knights will use the dual-swords.

New physical attack skills have been added that can only be used while in the Vanguard stance. These skills can first be acquired at level 44 and are listed below.

  • Power Divide - Delivers a powerful blow that seems to cleave the enemy in half. Requires that a two-handed sword or a two-handed blunt weapon are equipped. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit is possible.
  • Full Swing - Attacks nearby enemies by widely swinging a two-handed weapon. Requires a two-handed weapon. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit is possible.
  • Double Strike - Delivers a powerful blow to the enemy by alternating between two swords. Requires a dual-sword. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit is possible.
  • Blade Hurricane - Attacks nearby enemies with a dual-sword. Requires a dual-sword. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit is possible.

While in the Vanguard stance, Knight classes are also able to use some of their regular class-specific skills, if they already have them. These skills are listed below.

Class Skill
Paladin Aggression, Aura of Hate, Angelic Icon, Tribunal, Holy Blade, Holy Armor
Dark Avenger Aggression, Aura of Hate, Summon Dark Panther, Horror, Judgment, Reflect Damage
Temple Knight Aggression, Aura of Hate, Summon Storm Cubic, Summon Life Cubic, Summon Attractive Cubic, Tribunal, Holy Armor
Shillien Knight Aggression, Aura of Hate, Summon Vampiric Cubic, Summon Phantom Cubic, Summon Viper Cubic, Life Leech, Lightning Strike, Judgment


The new skill "Inquisitor" has been added for all Healer classes. This skill can first be acquired at level level 44.

New magic attack skills that can only be used while in the Inquisitor state have been added. These skills can first be acquired at level 44 and are listed below.

  • Divine Punishment - Brings down the gods' retribution upon an enemy.
  • Divine Flash - Detonates sacred energy to attack surrounding enemies.
  • Surrender to the Holy - Instantly decreases resistance to divine attacks and increases resistance to darkness attacks.
  • Divine Curse - Casts the wrathful curse of the gods to reduce the effect of recovery magic by half and continuously decrease HP.

While in the Inquisitor stance, Healer classes are also able to use some of their regular class-specific skills, if they already have them. These skills are listed below.

Class Skill
Bishop Invocation, Holy Weapon, Celestial Shield, Hold Undead, Turn Undead
Elven Elder Invocation, Holy Weapon, Wild Magic, Turn Undead
Shillien Elder Invocation, Holy Weapon, Empower, Wild Magic

Other Classes

Other new class-specific skills have been added. The following skills are acquired by double-clicking on the corresponding spellbook.

Class New Skill Description Level Acquisition
Abyss Walker Shadow Step Cancels the enemy's target and instantly decreases the distance to the enemy. 72
Treasure Hunter
Abyss Walker Evasion Counter Has a chance to stun the enemy during evasion. 74
Plainswalker Evasion Chance Has a chance to increase your mortal attack rates during evasion. 74
Treasure Hunter Evasion Haste Has a chance to increase your attack speed during evasion. 74

The following are new class-specific skills.

Class New Skill Description Level Acquisition
Warsmith Repair Golem Repairs a summoned golem. 40
Armor Plate

Temporarily equips a summoned golem with an additional armor plate to increase P.Def. and maximum HP.


Strengthen Golem

Temporarily increases a summoned golem's attack power and attack speed. 43
Temper Tempers metal to enhance the P.Def. of Heavy Armor. 46
Tan Cures leather to increase the P.Def. and Evasion of Light Armor. 46
Embroider Embroiders cloth to increase P.Def. and MP recovery speed. 46
Sharpen Sharpens a bladed weapon to increase P. Atk. and Critical Rate. 49
Spike Adds a spike to a blunt weapon to increase P. Atk. and shock attack rate. 49
Restring Enhances the strong of a bow or crossbow to increase P. Atk. and range. 49
Summon Merchant Golem Summons a trader association golem who can do basic transactions. 52
Inspector Expert Casting Increases casting speed and decreases magic reuse time. 40
Shillien Elder Bless the Blood Instantly bestows the blessing of blood upon party members. Has chance to recover HP when being attacked. 40
All Kamael Fast Recovery Increases HP/MP/CP regeneration. 43
Prophet Steal Mana Has a chance to recover MP when striking. 44
Berserker Body Reconstruction Recovers all HP by reconstructing one's own body. 52
Blood Pact Temporarily increases party members' maximum HP and HP regeneration through a blood pact. 55
Soul Breaker Painkiller Momentarily suppresses pain and prevents damage. When the duration ends, one feels weak. 58
Soul Breaker Soul Web Spreads a soul net and momentarily decreases the enemies' speed. 62

Oblivion Trap

Summons a mental trap. The enemy will have a chance to lose their target on every attack. 64
Imbue Seed of Destruction

Plant a Seed of Destruction in the enemy's body. The seed grows inside the body, sucking up the enemy's man, and blocks the enemy's skill use when it becomes full grown.


Existing Skills


Skills with Newly-Added Effects

  • Deflect Arrow: An effect that decreases crossbow damage has been added.
  • Real Target: Maximum range is increased to 900, increased damage for bows is decreased, and when targeting an opponent, the buff can disappear.
  • Soul Cleanse: This has been changed to make its use possible between Kamael.
  • Bleed: An effect that decreases speed has been added.

Skills with Changes to Existing Effects

  • Shield Mastery: In addition to the effect of increased shield defense and the shield defense rate, physical P. Def. is also increased when heavy armor is equipped.
  • MP Regeneration: MP Regeneration has been increased for all Kamael.
  • Kamael: The maximum soul replenishing number has been increased to 40.
  • Soulless: There are no contract penalties when a Soulless is summoned.
  • Invincible-type skills: Beneficial buffs can be received while receiving each type of invincible skill.
  • Furious Soul: The evasion consumption penalty has been removed.
  • Protection of Rune, Protection of Elemental, Protection of Alignment: The passive effect has been increased, and upon activation, M. Def. and attribute defense are increased.
  • Archer's Will & Fighter's Will: The passive effect has been increased. When this effect procs, critical rate and skill power are increased.
  • Cleanse: The skill Cleanse can no longer cure Raid Curse, lethal poison, and several other debuffs.
  • Wild Magic (Skill): The magic critical rate has been adjusted.
  • Wild Magic (Item): The magic critical rate has been adjusted.
  • Dance of Siren: The magic critical rate has been adjusted.
  • Soul Cry: MP consumption has been decreased.
  • Hate: Power of the skill has been increased.

Skills with Decreased Casting Time

  • Cure Bleeding
  • Escape Shackle
  • Poison Recovery

Skills with Increased Duration

  • Counter Attack: Duration 5 -> 10 seconds
  • Dodge Attack: Duration 5 -> 10 seconds

Changes Applied to Short-Range Physical Skill's Power, MP Consumption, and Over-hit

  • The power of physical attack skills has been increased.
  • MP consumption for physical skills has been decreased.
  • Over-hit effect now applies to all powerful physical attack skills (e.g. Mortal Blow).
  • MP consumption for the following toggle-type skills has been increased: Accuracy, Silent Move, Guard Stance, Soul Guard, Vicious Stance, Shield Fortress, Fortitude, Parry Stance, War Frenzy, True Berserker, Strike Back, Hard March

Changes to Magic Damage Skills

  • Magic damage is no longer a static value.
  • The range of possible magic damage depends on the type of weapon being used.

Changes to Kamael Skills and Souls

  • Kamael skills can now be used without souls. However, the Final Form and Create Dark Seed skills still need souls to be used.
  • The skill power increases in accordance with the number of replenished souls. At this time, a maximum of 5 replenished souls are consumed.

Changes to Magic Critical Damage

  • The magic critical rate has been increased to 10 times.
  • The magic critical damage has been decreased to 3 times from 4 times of normal damage.
  • The magic critical damage rate has been adjusted so that its occurrence rate does not exceed a maximum of 20%.

Existing Skills Being Given to Other Classes

  • Abyss Walker: Lure
  • Bounty Hunter: Crystallize
  • Elder: Greater Group Heal
  • Phantom Summoner: Death Spike, Summon Cursed Bone, Curse Poison
  • Warsmith & Bounty Hunter: Fatal Strike

NPC Changes


Changes to Monsters

Except in the Dimension Rift and the Seven Signs Quest dungeons, monsters that are level 75 or below have a chance of using soulshots and spiritshots, as well as skills that defend against long range attacks.

The rewards for the above mentioned monsters has been increased.

Raid Boss Rewards

Reward amounts have been increased. You can acquire Superior Items by hunting Raid Bosses.

Changes to Ordinary Monster Rewards

Monsters no longer drop spellbooks that are sold in the shops.

New items, such as weapons, armor, and accessories, can be acquired from normal monsters.

Hunting Grounds



The instanced dungeon hunting ground Kamaloka has been added. The entry requirements for this new instanced dungeon are as follows:

  • Entry NPC - Guard Captain
  • Party Requirement - Party of 2-6
  • Type - Raid-type hunting ground
  • Instanced Zone Duration - 30 minutes
  • Entry Limitations - Once per day

The entry limitation time resets every day at 6:30 AM (server time). The Guard Captain NPC is located at the center of each village or town that is listed below.

Locations of Kamaloka + character levels needed for entry are as follows:

  • Gludio Castle Town: Bathis (levels 18-31)
  • Dion Castle Town: Lucas (levels 28-41)
  • Town of Heine: Gosta (levels 38-51)
  • Town of Oren: Mouen (levels 48-61)
  • Town of Schuttgart: Vishotsky (levels 58-71)
  • Rune Township: Mathias (levels 68-78)

Cruma Tower

The amount of Exp. and SP players get from hunting monsters in Cruma Tower have been increased.

New event monsters that can change or help the hunting flow have been added.

Characters that are level 56 and above can no longer enter Cruma Tower.


A dungeon monster's ability to return to its location when it goes outside a certain range has been enhanced.


If a character enters Hellbound for the first time, everyone else on the server can enter by completing "Path to Hellbound" quest instead of "That's Bloody Hot" quest.


The hunting efficiency of close-range melee classes has been increased in Varka Silenos Outpost, the Outlaw Forest, and the Garden of Beasts.



Decreased Item Prices

The shop prices for all weapons, armor, and accessories have been lowered.

Item Manufacturing

When crafting an item, there is a chance that the crafter could create two items from one set of materials, or that the created item is a Foundation Item.

A Foundation Item can be refined into a Masterwork Item by the Blacksmith of Mammon.

Masterwork Weapons may be converted into Kamael-exclusive weapons and dual-swords.

New Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

Common Items have been added up to A-grade. These items have the same stats as Superior Items, but they cannot be enchanted, enhanced, or augmented. They can be purchased at shops or obtained through hunting regular monsters.

You can purchase a Luxury Gold Circlet and a Luxury Silver Circlet at the Luxury Shop in Giran.

Shop Sales and Added Exchange Items

Shops now sell up to top-tier C-Grade items, and the Luxury Shop sells up to low-tier B-Grade items.

B-Grade items can be exchanged for a different item of the same grade through the Blacksmith of Mammon. (Superior Items cannot be exchanged.)

Magic Accessories Augmentation

Superior and Masterwork jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings can now be augmented.


New instant herbs have been added. The duration for instant herbs has been increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

PVP Changes



Fame can be acquired only by characters above level 40 who have completed the second class change.

Fame can be obtained through various activities such as advancing onto a registered battlefield (a castle siege, fortress siege, or hideout siege) and defeating an enemy.

The best scores by ranking are registered at the Festival of the Darkness, and if your affiliated clan is victorious, you receive a certain amount of Fame from the Festival Guide as a reward.


You can obtain Fame by consuming a Noblesse gate pass through the Olympiad Guide.

Fame is consumed when using various abilities through the "Fame Guide" who is located in the Town of Aden and Rune Township.

There is a limit to how much Fame a character can earn. Once the cap is reached, no more Fame will be earned.

Fame Rewards

Superior and Masterwork top-tier A-Grade weapons and armor have a PvP augment option that can be purchased with Fame. (This makes the weapon and armor no exchange/no drop.) In addition, once the item has been specialized, you can no longer refine, crystallize, convert or add an attribute to it. Enchanting, however, is still permissable.

Consumables and talismans of each type (including those for class use) that are needed on the battlefield can be purchased with Fame.

  • They can be exchanged for a certain amount of Clan Fame.
  • They can be exchanged to reduce your PK Count.

Battlefield Penalty

A character that is registered on the designated battlefield does not incur any Exp. penalty upon death; however, a death on the registered battlefield reduces some stats for a certain amount of time.

Various penalties can be cancelled through the "Recovery Spellbook for Battlefield Use", and this can be purchased through the Fame Guide.

Charm of Courage

The Charm of Courage's effect has been changed to allow resurrection on the same spot upon death on the battlefield.

Changes to PvP Duel Status Mark Time

The purple condition duration has been increased from 40 to 120 second, and the removal notification time has been increased from 5 to 20 seconds.

The rate at which a character name flashes when the PVP flag is about to drop will get faster as time runs out.



The amount of clan fame acquired for various clan activities has been increased.

  • When a clan academy member completes his or her second job change, the amount of Clan Fame earned is now 650 instead of 400.
  • When a clan wins a castle via a castle siege, the amount of Clan Fame earned is now 1,500 instead of 1,000.
  • When a clan's defense fails, the amount of Clan Fame lost is now 3,000 instead of 2,000.
  • When a clan earns an occupational hideout, the amount of Clan Fame earned is now 500 instead of 300.
  • When a clan wins a fortress via a fortress siege, the amount of Clan Fame earned is 200 instead of 100.
  • When a clan successfully destroys the ballista in a fortress, the amount of Clan Fame earned is now 30 instead of 15.
  • When an affiliated clan member comes in first at the Festival of the Dark, the amount of Clan Fame earned is now 200 instead of 100.
  • Clan Fame received for bringing Blood Alliance, Blood Oath, and Knight's Epaulettes to the clan traders Ilia and Mulia has been increased.
  • When a siegeable clan hall is lost, the maximum clan fame consumed has been changed to 1000 points.



Increased Armor Attributes

The attribute values that can be added to armor have been increased by about 2 times.

The success rate of armor attribute enhancing has been increased.

Armor with previously bestowed attributes will possess the changed attribute values.

Pets and Servitors


New Pet Items

A resistance to magic pet accessory has been added.

Armor that can be used by baby pets (including improved baby pets) has been added.


Improved Pet System

The amount of time you have to revive your pet before it disappears has been increased to 24 hours. This resurrection period does not apply to pets who die from starvation.


Servitor Changes

Servitors' battle values (HP, Physical Attack, Magic Attack and Defense) have been changed.

Merrow the Unicorn & Magnus the Unicorn: The maximum number of monsters that can be attacked with AoE magic has been decreased.


New Servitor Buffs

New skills have been added to Feline Queen, Unicorn Seraphim, and Nightshade.

  • Feline Queen: Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, and Haste
  • Unicorn Seraphim: Acumen, Clarity, Empower, and Wild Magic
  • Nightshade: Death Whisper, Focus, and Guidance




New Quests

Traces of Evil

  • Level - 15
  • Type - Repeatable
  • Description - Countless animals near the Orc Village are being contaminated and dying off because of a curse from Kasha, the evil spirit of decay and death. Orc Trader Kunai of the Duda-Mara tribe asks you to obtain some Kasha Spider's Rotten Secretion to use in investigating the cause.
  • Starting City/Village - Orc Village
  • NPC - Kunai

Invention Ambition

  • Level - 18
  • Type - Repeatable
  • Description - Inventor Maru asks you to collect Energy Ore, which she needs as ingredients for her energy conversion device experiment. Energy Ore can be easily obtained from almost all the monsters in the Eastern Mining Region.
  • Starting City/Village - Dwarf Village
  • NPC - Inventor Maru

Good Work's Reward

  • Level - 39
  • Type - One-Time Quest
  • Description - Blueprint Seller Daeger tells you that Mark was supposed to come and see him but has not. Daeger asks that if you see Mark, you should tell him to come find him. (Players can complete this quest as an alternative way to change to their second class instead of the original second class-change quest.)
  • Starting City/Village - Giran
  • NPC - Daeger

A Special Order

  • Level - 40
  • Type - One-Time Quest
  • Description - Helvetia's requests make no sense. Has something happened? Helvetia says that a jar of seeds that she ordered has not arrived, and she asks you to find Warehouse Chief Gesto to check on it.
  • Starting City/Village - Giran
  • NPC - Helvetia

Path to Hellbound

  • Level - 78
  • Type - One-Time Quest
  • Description - Casian says that he can't help, and suggest that you seek out Galate at the Ivory Tower instead.
  • Starting City/Village - Wasteland
  • NPC - Casian

Existing Quests

The first job change quest's level requirement has been changed from level 19 to level 18.

The rewards for the first and second job change quests have been modified.

For the second job change quests, the item drop rate has been increased and the item collection amount has been decreased.

Master Toma's location has been fixed. He no longer moves to other areas.

The rewards for Clan Fame-related quests have been increased.

The level needed to perform the Merciless Punishment quest has been changed from 12 to 10.

The reward amounts for one-time quests have been increased. (Some quest rewards are the same as before.)

The item drop rates for repetitive quests have been increased. (Some quest rewards are the same as before.)

Characters are able to advance more easily to their first job change by obtaining specific quest suggestions from the Newbie Guides in their starting village. These quests begin at level 6.

Interface Changes

Keyword Filtering

You can enter your text into your Chat Window Options under Keyword Filtering. When the corresponding text is generated (from an item dropping, the item name being typed in a chat channel, etc.), the bottom row of text in your Chat Window will mark that specific keyword or keywords. Your game will also make a notification sound if you selected "Notify with effect sound" under Keyword Filtering.

Item Name Color

Item names appear in a different color on the item description, depending on the item's rarity. For instance, Common Item names are grey, Rare and Foundation Item names are white, and Masterwork Item names are yellow.

Buff Removal Function

For beneficial effect buffs, you can remove the buff by pressing Alt and left-clicking on the buff icon. (Song and dance-related buffs cannot be removed.)

New Buff Slot

A buff slot has been added for song/dance buffs and debuff-related uses.

Eval/Endorse System

The Recommendation System has been renamed to the Eval/Endorse System. The way it works has not changed.

Other Changes


Support Magic

Characters can now receive support magic up until level 62. (Orc Shamans receive a fighter-type buff until the second job change and a mystic-type buff after.)

Magic Barrier and Haste have been added. Life Cubics can be used up until level 34.

Newbie Travel Tokens are no longer provided. Players can now teleport to other starting towns by speaking to the Newbie Guide.

New-Character Items

When a character is created, it automatically receives 10 Scrolls to move to the Kamael Village and 5 Adventurer's Scroll of Escape in its inventory.

Free Teleports

Characters below level 40 can use the Gatekeeper NPCs to teleport for free.

Social Actions

Two new social action have been added for each race (one for males, one for females).