Chaotic Throne 1: Kamael

New Race


[ Characteristics | Classes | Kamael-Exclusive Weapons ]

A new race, Kamael, has been added. Kamael characters start out on the Isle of Souls, which is located to the west of the Dark Elven Village.  A Kamael Tutorial has also been added to the game.


The Kamael are a new dark-attributed race. Because of their dark nature, healing magic is less effective when used on them.

The Kamael require souls to perform most of their attack skills. Once they learn the Soul Mastery skill at level 5, Kamael are able absorb souls automatically while hunting monsters, every time they earn a certain amount of experience.  They can also sacrifice some of their own HP or use skills to recharge souls.

Collected souls are displayed on the Buff/De-buff Status Bar, and they last for 10 minutes from the last time a soul was absorbed.

The Kamael cannot sub any other race’s classes; conversely, no other races may sub Kamael classes either.

When a Kamael character reaches level 75 on their first and second subclasses, one of two hidden third sub-classes will become available (Inspector and Judicator).

Kamael subclass info is available from the Kamael Grandmaster NPC in Giran, Aden, and Rune Township.



Male Kamael

Male Kamael Solder -> Trooper (1st) -> Berserker (2nd) -> Doombringer (3rd)

Male Kamael Solder -> Trooper (1st) -> Soul Breaker (2nd) -> Soul Hound (3rd)

Female Kamael

Female Kamael Solder -> Warder (1st) -> Soul Breaker (2nd) -> Soul Hound (3rd)

Female Kamael Solder -> Warder (1st) -> Arbalester (2nd) -> Trickster (3rd)


Kamael-Exclusive Weapon

The Kamael are capable of converting existing weapons into Kamael-exclusive weapons (Ancient Sword, Rapier, and Crossbow) using their unique weapon conversion skill.

Kamael-exclusive weapons can be converted from weapons that are D-grade or higher, and the weapons can be traded or dropped.

Not all weapons can be converted; only the following weapons can be converted into Kamael-exclusive weapons:

  • Two-handed Sword <--> Ancient Sword
  • One-handed Sword <--> Rapier
  • Bow <--> Crossbow (Bow-gun)

The Kamael skill that allows for weapon conversion is available after the first class transfer. The weapon conversion skill will only work on the weapon you currently have equipped.

When a weapon is converted, its enchant value, special abilities, and elemental attributes remain the same; however, augmented weapons cannot be converted.

A converted weapon can be enchanted and bestowed with special abilities, augments, or elemental attributes.

A Kamael-exclusive weapon can be converted back to its original form as long as it has not been augmented. It will retain all of its enchant values, special abilities, and attributes.

Character Changes


Character Stats Adjustments

The following combat stats have been increased significantly for players who are level 70 and higher: 

  • Accuracy & Evasion
  • Critical Rate
  • Magic Resistance

These stats will increase even higher for players who are level 78 and higher.

CP Adjustments for Dagger Classes

The amount of the CP has been increased for all dagger classes.  This changes applies to Rogues, Elven Scouts, Assassins, Treasure Hunters, Plains Walkers, and Abyss Walkers.

Level Penalty

An experience penalty now applies to characters that are level 78 and higher if they hunt monsters that are more than four levels below them. The existing experience penalty for characters level 77 and below has not changed.

Party Experience Distribution

A minimum level restriction has been set for parties. Party members must be within 20 levels of each other. If the difference between the highest- and lowest-level party members exceeds 20, the member(s) who are the lowest level will not receive any experience.

New Player Support

The level restriction for the new-player support buffs has been raised from level 24 to level 39.  Previously, characters could only receive new player support buffs if they were between levels 8-24. Players can now receive these benefits up to level 39.



[ Transformation Types | Transformation Procedure | Cancelling Transformations | Acquiring the Transformation Skill | Transformation Conditions and Restrictions | Transformation State ]

Special transformations have been added.

Transformation Types

Combat and non-combat transformations are available. Combat transformations are broken down into two types: common transformations and race-specific transformations.


Transformation Procedure

Players can transform by using special transformation skills or by attaching a talisman to a bracelet. There are also transformation scrolls available through the new auction system, and a special type of transformation that utilizes armor obtained from Hellbound.

Players are automatically transformed when they acquire one of the cursed swords (Demonic Sword Zariche and Blood Sword Akamanah).

Cancelling Transformations

A transformation can be cancelled by using the Cancel Transformation skill.

A transformation is cancelled upon death.

If a transformation has been enabled by an item, it is cancelled upon un-equipping that item.

A transformation is cancelled after certain period of time.

A transformation is cancelled in water (with the exception of the cursed sword transformations).

Acquiring the Transformation Skill

After a player completes the “More than Meets the Eye” quest (level 50+), the first transformation skill can be learned from the Wizard Avant-Garde on the second floor of the Ivory Tower.  

Players must acquire the first transformation skill, in order to acquire other transformation skills.

A Transform Sealbook is required to learn additional transformation skills.

The various transformation tomes can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer or the Black Marketeer of Mammon as follows:

  • Transform Sealbook – Onyx Beast: can be purchased from the Avant-Garde NPC with Adena
  • Transform Sealbook – Death Blader: can be purchased from the Black Marketeer of Mammon NPC with Ancient Adena
  • Transform Sealbook– Apostle Grail: can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in the Gludin Village
  • Transform Sealbook – Unicorn: can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in the Oren Castle Village
  • Transform SealbookLilim Knight: can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in the Oren Castle Village
  • Transform SealbookGolem Guardian: can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in the Schuttgart Castle Village
  • Transform Sealbook– Inferno Drake: can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in the Schuttgart Castle Village
  • Transform Sealbook– Dragon Bomber: can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in the Aden Castle Village

Crystal of Life and Adena are required to purchase the Transform Sealbook from a Guild Adventurer NPC.

Non-combat transformations can be acquired by attaching a talisman to a bracelet.

Talismans for the non-combat transformation skills can be acquired in the Rainbow Clan Hall or the Wild Beast Reserve.

Transformation Conditions and Restrictions

A player must not have a Servitor or Pet summoned in order to transform.

A player must not be riding a Strider or Wyvern in order to transform.

A player must not have the Mystic Immunity skill active in order to transform.

A player must not be on a moving ship in order to transform.

A player cannot use a ferry while transformed.

If a cursed sword is acquired while transformed, the cursed-sword transformation will override the current one.

Transformation State

A player may only use transformation-specific skills while transformed.

The effects of skills, such as buffs and debuffs, remain when a player transforms.

When a player transforms, the transformation’s stats are applied.

Players cannot challenge other players to a duel or party duel while transformed.

When a player is transformed by a cursed sword, the name of the respective cursed sword will replace the character’s name.  Also, the name of the cursed sword appears in the Chat Window instead of the player’s name, and the player holding the cursed sword cannot use the Shout and the Trade channels. (The original name is shown in Clan Chat, Alliance Chat, and whispers.)

Players cannot switch or add a subclass while they are transformed.

Players cannot transform during the Grand Olympiad Games.

Attribute System


[ Elemental Attribute Types and Relations | Bestowing an Attribute | Attribute Potion ]

The Attribute System has been added.

Elemental Attribute Types and Relations

There are four types of elemental attributes and two types of holy-unholy attributes, as well as a non-attribute. Each attribute has an opposite, as follows:

  • Fire Attribute <--> Water Attribute
  • Earth Attribute <--> Wind Attribute
  • Darkness Attribute <--> Divinity Attribute

Attack damage depends on the difference between the value of the attack’s attribute and that of the defense’s attribute.

Bestowing an Attribute

Attributes can be bestowed to items that are S-grade or higher.

An item may have only one attribute type added to it at a time.

In order to add a new attribute to an attribute-bestowed item, the Attribute Master NPC in Aden and Rune must cancel the original attribute first (there is a fee associated with this). Once the original attribute has been removed from an item, a new attribute may be applied.

Each armor piece (excluding shields) can have different attributes applied to them.

A player’s attribute values are shown in Character Status Window (Alt+T).

In order to bestow an attribute to an item, an attribute item is required. Players can acquire attribute items in new high-level hunting grounds (like Isle of Prayer and Hellbound).

An attribute on a weapon increases the attack power of that attribute.  On the other hand, an attribute on armor increases the defense power of the opposite attribute.  For example, a water-attribute stone increases armor's fire resistance.

When bestowing attributes to items, there is a chance to fail; however, the failure will not crystallize items nor reset the previous attribute value.

Players may trade a attribute stones for a opposite-attribute stones at an Attribute NPC.

For weapons, only two attribute powers can be stacked--the weapon's attribute power and a buff's attribute power.  If a weapon's attribute type and a buff's attribute type are the same, the weapon will gain a stronger attack power of that attribute type.  If the weapon's attribute type and buff's attribute type are different, only the weapon's attribute will be applied.  For armor, all defense-related attribute buffs will be applied to that of armor.

Attribute Potion

An attribute potion can be purchased from an Attribute NPC in Aden and Rune Castle Town.

Hunting Zones


[ Isle of Souls | Isle of Prayer | Hellbound | Instanced Dungeons | Existing Hunting Grounds]

Isle of Souls

The Isle of Souls has been added to the west of the Dark Elven Village.

The Isle of Souls is the starting point for the Kamael, and a hunting area for players who are level 20 or below.

Any other race can teleport to the Isle of Souls by using a Newbie Travel Token.  Players may acquire a Newbie Travel Token after they complete the tutorial.

There are total of three Strongholds on Isle of Souls. Players who are under level 20 and have not yet performed the first class transfer can move to these areas free-of-charge by speaking to the Gatekeeper NPC in the Kamael Village.

There are two dungeons (Nornil’s Garden and Nornil’s Cave) on the Isle of Souls. Nornil’s Garden can be entered by a party consisting of two members or more, one of which must be a Kamael that has the “Into the Large Cavern” quest. Nornil's Cave has no prerequisites or other restrictions, but players will want to bring friends when they venture inside--it hosts some of the highest-level monsters on the island.

Isle of Prayer

The Isle of Prayer has been added to the east of Alligator Island in Innadril Territory.

The Isle of Prayer is a hunting ground for players who are level 78 and higher.  It is home to various monsters with greatly increased AI that will challenge even the most seasoned players.

There are two instanced dungeons on the Isle of Prayer, called the “Dark Cloud Mansion” and the “Crystal Caverns”.

Dark Cloud Mansion

The Dark Cloud Mansion can be entered by a party consisting of two members who are level 78 or higher.

Players can learn helpful and important information on getting into and getting through the Crystal Caverns in this area.

Crystal Caverns

The Crystal Caverns can be entered by a party consisting of two to nine members who are level 78 or higher.

The Crystal Caverns consist of three areas: Emerald Square, Steam Corridor, and Coral Garden.  A party may enter only one of the three areas at a time.


In order to face Baylor, players must have obtained the three crystal types from the Raid Bosses in the Emerald Square, the Steam Corridor, and the Coral Garden.

When entering the Baylor’s lair, one of the three Crystal Caverns Raid Boss crystals will be consumed at random.

The “[color] Seed of Evil – Shard” can be obtained by hunting in the Isle of Prayer. This item allows players to obtain S-80 armor materials from Blacksmith Ram inside the Crystal Caverns.


Hellbound, the hiding place of Beleth, has been added south of the Wastelands near Gludio Town.

Hellbound Island is the highest-level hunting ground in the game. It is not visible on the Mini Map. 

The map of the Hellbound can be obtained inside Hellbound.

Hellbound is blocked by Beleth’s magical barrier. A continuous collective effort is required from each player in order to enter Hellbound.

After completing all the quests from the Isle of Prayer, players can learn how to enter Hellbound from Galate in Heine Village. 

Players must earn the trust of the Hellbound natives in order to gain access to the Iron Castle where Beleth resides.

Players can increase the Hellbound natives’ trust level by killing monsters, or by completing quests for them.

The Hellbound natives’ trust level can be increased or decreased depending on players’ actions and effort.

As players earn more trust from the Hellbound natives, more tasks will become available.

Instanced Dungeons

The Instanced Dungeon system has been added. This system allows multiple parties to simultaneously enter different instances of an area for a certain period of time.


Each dungeon can be entered via an Entrance NPC. Certain requirements must be met in order to enter an instanced dungeon, including a set level, number of party members, a specific item, and/or a quest.

The request to enter an instanced dungeon must be made by the party leader.

There is a limit to the number of instanced dungeons players may enter per day.

If players are moved outside of an instanced zone by teleporting to the nearest town after death, or by using a Scroll of Escape, they can re-enter the area as long as their instance of the dungeon still exists.

If players log in after logging out inside an instanced dungeon, they are moved outside the dungeon.  After rejoining the party, they can re-enter the area as long as their instance of the dungeon still exists.

If a party leader has already initiated the instance, they cannot invite a new member to join there party from inside the instance.  The party’s size cannot be increased once they are inside the dungeon.

Players cannot use the Party Member Summon Skill while inside instanced dungeons; however, the Party Member Summon Skill can be used to summon original members of the party upon entry that are inside the castle/fortress-related dungeons.


Players are automatically moved outside an instanced dungeon in following situations:

  • Mission Completion: Players within an instanced dungeon are moved outside after five minutes of completing a mission. (This only applies to zones that do not have a teleport cube in them.)
  • Time Limit Reached: If the allotted instance time runs out, the party will be moved outside of the instanced dungeon.
  • Server Issues: If any server-related technical problems occur, such as a server outage, all instanced dungeons will be reset and players are moved outside of instanced dungeons.

Instanced Dungeon Reset

The instanced dungeon resets if all the party members who were inside leave the area. Below are the specifics on when each instanced dungeon resets after all party members leave:

  • The following dungeons reset immediately: Nornil’s Garden and Dark Cloud Mansion.
  • The following dungeons reset after 20 minutes: Castle/Fortress Instanced Dungeons, Chromatic Caverns, and City Dungeons

If a mission is completed, or the time limit is approaching, the remaining time is displayed.

Instanced Dungeon Time Limits

The maximum time limit for each instanced dungeon is as follows:

  • Nornil’s Garden (70 mins)
  • Dark Could Mansion (30 mins)
  • Crystal Cavern (90 mins)
  • Castle Underground Dungeon (60 mins)
  • Fortress Monster Prison (60 mins)

Instanced Dungeon Refresh Times

Once used, the instanced dungeon can be re-used after a certain period of time. The instanced dungeon refresh times are as follows:

  • Nornil’s Garden – 2 hours
  • Dark Cloud Mansion – no time limit
  • Crystal Cavern – 24 hours
  • Castle Underground Dugeion – 4 hours
  • Fortress Monster Prison – 4 hours

New Command

/Instancezone is a newly added command. This command will show the time remaining before you can enter the instanced dungeons again.

Existing Hunting Grounds

The monster levels in the Temple of the Pagans, the Monastery of Silence, Primeval Island, and Forge of the Gods have been adjusted.


    NPC Changes


    Boss monster statshave been increased slightly. The changes are:

    • M.Def., P.Def., HP, HP regeneration rate of Antharas, Baium and Frintezza have been increased.
    • M.Def., P.Def., and HP of Valakas have been increased.

    The level of some Raid Bosses and boss monsters has been adjusted.

    Speed and the aggressive-range of monsters in the newbie areas have been decreased.

    The Queen Ant has learned a new poison skill.



    [ Items for Level 80+ (S-80) | Bracelets | Shirts | New Accessories | Soul Crystal: Level 14 | Other Changes ]

    Items for Level 80+ (S-80)

    New S-Grade items (weapon, armor, and accessory) have been added. These items can be used by players who are level 80+.

    S-80 WEAPONS


    Enhancement Options

    Dynasty Rapier




    Dynasty Ancient Sword




    Dynasty Crossbow

    Cheap Shot



    Dynasty Sword




    Dynasty Blade




    Dynasty Phantom


    Mana Up


    Dynasty Bow

    Cheap Shot



    Dynasty Knife



    Crt. Damage

    Dynasty Halberd


    Critical Stun


    Dynasty Cudgel



    Rsk. Focus

    Dynasty Mace

    Mana Up



    Dynasty Bagh-Nakh

    Rsk. Evasion

    Rsk. Haste


    Dynasty Dual-Sword

    Max HP/Critical Rate increase on +4 enchant or higher.

    S-80 ARMOR


    Set Effect

    Dynasty Breast Plate

    Str +1, Con -1
    P. Def +4.6%
    Maximum HP +418
    Darkness Resistance +6

    Dynasty Gaiter

    Dynasty Helmet

    Dynasty Gauntlet

    Dynasty Boots

    Dynasty Shield

    Def rate against Poison/Bleed increases

    Dynasty Leather Armor

    Con -1, Dex +1
    Accuracy +1.72, Evasion +1.72
    Maximum HP +418
    Darkness Resistance +6

    Dynasty Leather Leggings

    Dynasty Leather Helmet

    Dynasty Leather Gloves

    Dynasty Leather Boots

    Dynasty Tunic

    Int -1, Men +1
    Magic Casting Spd. +12%
    Maximum HP +257
    Darkness Resistance +6

    Dynasty Stockings

    Dynasty Circlet

    Dynasty Gloves

    Dynasty Shoes


    The class-specific armor set bonuses are greater once the seal is broken.

    The Soul of Dynasty and the appropriate upper-body S-80 armor piece are required to create class-specific S-80 armor. The Soul of Dynasty can be obtained in Hellbound.

    Class-specific S-80 armor can be manufactured by the Legendary Blacksmith Shadai in Hellbound.



    Dynasty Breast Plate - [Shield Master]

    Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva’s Templar, Shillien Templar

    Dynasty Breast Plate - [Weapon Master]

    Dreadnought, Titan, Fortune Seeker, Maestro

    Dynasty Breast Plate - [Force Master]

    Duelist, Grand Khavatari

    Dynasty Breast Plate - [Bard]

    Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer

    Dynasty Leather Armor - [Dagger Master]

    Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter

    Dynasty Leather Armor - [Bow Master]

    Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel, Trickster

    Dynasty Leather Armor - [Weapon Master]

    Doombringer, Soul Hound (M/F), Titan, Dreadnought, Fortune Seeker,  Maestro

    Dynasty Leather Armor - [Force Master]

    Duelist, Grand Khavatari

    Dynasty Leather Armor – [Enchanter]

    Hierophant, Dominator, Doomcryer, Judicator

    Dynasty Tunic – [Healer]

    Cardinal, Eva’s Saint, Shillien Saint

    Dynasty Tunic – [Enchanter]

    Hierophant, Dominator, Doomcryer

    Dynasty Tunic – [Summoner]

    Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master

    Dynasty Tunic – [Wizard]

    Archmage, Soultaker, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer


    The Blacksmith of Mammon can remove the seal from sealed S-80 accessories. There are three different types of Dynasty Accessories (earrings, necklaces, and rings).


    Dynasty Earrings

    Dynasty Necklace

    Dynasty Ring

    Dynasty Accessories can be either manufactured or obtained from boss monsters on the Isle of Prayer. 

    The Dynasty Accessories that are obtained from boss monsters on the Isle of Prayer will be unsealed and have a lower M.Def. than the manufactured ones, but they offer a higher resistance value for Stun, Poison, Bleed, Sleep, Paralysis, Hold, and Fear.


    Bracelets that increase character’s stats when equipped with a talisman have been added. There are two types of Bracelets--Left Bracelets and Right Bracelets. Bracelets cannot be traded or dropped.

    Left Bracelets

    Left Bracelets have power to summon an Agathion.

    A Left Bracelet can only be equipped by a clan leader who owns a castle or a fortress, or by clan members whose clan owns the Rainbow Springs Chateau or the Wild Beast Reserve.

    Right Bracelets

    Right Bracelets can be purchased from a Castle Court Magician NPC or a Fortress Support Leader NPC.  The Right Bracelets come in C-Grade to S-Grade.  (Same armor penalties apply if a player does not have the proper Expertise skill.)

    The Right Bracelet can be crystallized, but it cannot be enchanted.

    A Talisman can be attached to a Right Bracelet. The Talisman enhances certain stats.

    The higher grade the Right Bracelet, the greater the number of Talismans that can be attached to it.

    A Talisman has a time limit applied to it when equipped, similar to that of shadow weapons.

    Each Talisman has unique skills and can be obtained in a castle or a fortress.


    Shirts have been added. Shirts increase defense power and are available in all grades (Non-Grade all the way up to S-Grade). They can be enchanted and/or crystallized.

    Non-Grade and D-Grade Shirts can be purchased from merchant NPCs. Shirts that are C-Grade and higher are available only through castles and fortresses.

    New Accessories

    Special race-specific circlets have been added.  They can be purchased from a Castle Court Magician NPC or a Fortress Support Leader NPC.

    Second- and third-class-specific circlets have also been added.  They can be purchased from the Grand Olympiad Manager.

    Soul Crystal: Level 14

    Soul Crystals: Level 14 have been added.  These new Soul Crystals are exclusively for S-80 weapons.

    Soul Crystal: Level 14 can be upgraded from Level 13 by defeating Baylor in Crystal Caverns.  When upgrading the Soul Crystal: Level 13 to Level 14, there is a chance that the Soul Crystal will become a cursed Soul Crystal.  Cursed Soul Crystals can transformed into a normal Soul Crystal by the Legendary Blacksmith Shadai in Hellbound.

    Soul Crystals: Level 14 can also be upgraded from Level 13 by defeating Antharas, Valakas, or Scarlet Van Halisha.

    Other Changes

    Boss accessories have had their resistances (resistance to Stun, Bleed, Poison, Sleep, etc) reduced by half, but a success rate modifier for certain attacks has been added.




    Earring of Antharas

    Resistance to Bleed: +80%
    Resistance to Stun/Silence: +60%

    Resistance to Bleed: +40%
    Bleed Attack Success Rate: +40%
    Resistance to Stun/Silence: +30%
    Stun/Silence Attack Success Rate: +30%

    Necklace of Valakas

    Resistance to Sleep: +80%

    Resistance to Sleep: +40%
    Sleep Attack Success Rate: +40%

    Ring of Baium

    Resistance to Poison: +80%
    Resistance to Hold: +60%

    Resistance to Poison: 40%
    Poison Attack Success Rate: 40%
    Resistance to Hold: 30%
    Hold Attack Success Rate: 30%

    Zaken's Earring

    Resistance to Bleed: +60%
    Resistance to Shock/Abnormal Mental State: +40%

    Resistance to Bleed: +30%
    Bleed Attack Success Rate: +30% Resistance to Shock/Abnormal Mental State: +20%
    Shock/Abnormal Mental State Attack Success Rate: 20%

    Ring of Queen Ant

    Resistance to Poison: +60%

    Resistance to Hold: +40%

    Resistance to Poison: +30%
    Poison Attack Success Rate: +30% Resistance to Hold: +20%
    Hold Attack Success Rate: 20%

    Earring of Orfen

    Resistance to Bleed: +40%

    Resistance to Bleed: 20%
    Bleed Attack Success Rate: 20%

    Ring of Core

    Resistance to Poison: +40%

    Resistance to Poison: 20%
    Poison Attack Success Rate: 20%

    Frintezza's Necklace

    Resistance to Sleep/Paralysis/Shock: 30%
    Resistance to Poison: 50%

    Resistance to Sleep/Paralysis/Shock: 15%
    Sleep/Paralysis/Shock Attack Success Rate: 15%
    Resistance to Poison: 25%
    Poison Attack Success Rate: 25%

    Charm of Courage

    The Charm of Courage’s effect duration has been reduced from two hours to 20 minutes.

    The Charm of Courage’s effect lasts through a character’s death.

    The Charm of Courage’s effect applies during a fortress siege as well as a castle siege.

    The Charm of Courage’s effect only applies inside of the registered siege war area.

    Crystal of Life

    Crystal of Life items (Skull of the Dead, Heart of Dragon, Egg of Earth, False Nucleus of Life, and Soul of Angel) no longer have a Grade.  All three types (A-, B-, and C-Grade) have been combined into one new type.

    Existing Crystals of Life items (A, B, and C-Grade) can be exchanged for the new type that has no grade by speaking to the Guild Adventurer NPC. One A-Grade Crystal of Life can be traded for 10 of the new Crystals of Life, one B-Grade Crystal of Life to for four new Crystals of Life, and one C-Grade Crystal of Life to two new Crystals of Life.

    Cursed Weapons

    New skills have been added to cursed weapons.

    Clan Armor

    Clan Academy members can purchase an Oath Armor set from the Blacksmith Pinter in Gludio.

    The Appella Armor Sets are now unsealed when they are purchased.

    Improved Apella Armor Sets have been added.  These armor set have better stats than the regular Apella Armor Sets.

    Enchant Weapon/Armor Scrolls, Spellbooks, and Life Stones are now stackable.

    Siege-War Exclusive Items

    Various siege-exclusive items can be purchased from the Suspicious Merchant NPC near the entrance of each fortress.  These items can be used only when a character is within the siege area.

    Auction System


    A new auction system has been added.  Players can now buy rare items using this system.

    Item Sales

    Auctions are held in Giran, Aden, and Rune Town, and players can bid for rare items through an Auctioneer NPC. (The maximum bid is set to 2.1 billion Adena.)

    The bid cannot be cancelled until someone else outbids the original bid.  A cancelled bid must be retrieved from the Auctioneer NPC within a week, otherwise the returned bid amount will be lost after one week has passed.

    A highest-bidder icon will appear above the chat window if you are the highest bidder.  The icon will disappear if you are outbid.

    If a bid is made by one person 10 minutes before the auction end time, the auction duration will be extended by 5 minutes.  If two or more people bid during this time, the auction duration will be extended by 8 minutes.

    If you win an auction, the item will be stored in your Private Warehouse.



    [ Siege Rule Changes | Castle Defender NPC | Political Activities | Rewards ]

    Siege Rule Changes

    All attacking clans registered for siege war are in a state of temporary alliance. Due to this temporary alliance, players are no longer able to force-attack friendly members or their headquarters.

    Characters that are not registered for siege war will receive the same death penalty in the siege area as in the regular field.

    When a registered player dies on the siege field that they're registered for, they lose one-fourth of the normal experience loss they would normally receive.

    Characters no longer collide with other characters.

    Castle Defender NPC

    The level of the Mercenary NPC and the Castle Defenders has been increased.

    The HP and P. Atk. of the King and Knight NPCs have been increased.

    Political Activities

    Depending on the contract status of the fortresses, a castle-owning clan's usage of the instanced dungeons and the ability to upgrade the castle defenses may be restricted. Castles can use the instanced dungeons and upgrade their defense features only when the nearby fortresses swear fealty to the castle.

    A castle-owning clan cannot register to attack a nearby fortress that swore the fealty to their castle.

    A castle-owning clan can register to attack a nearby fortress that hasn’t sworn the fealty to their castle. Once the castle succeeds in taking over the fortress, it is inhabited and owned by NPCs.

    If a fortress-owning clan swears fealty to the nearby castle, 12,500 Adena is automatically donated to the castle-owning clan as tax, and two Clan Reputation Points are deducted from the castle-owning clan every six hours.

    If the castle-owning clan’s Reputation Points drop to less than two points, no more points will be deducted and no tax will be collected from the fortress; however, the fortress shifts from contracted to independant. 


    Each time a clan successfully defends a castle, it receives “Blood Alliance” from the castle warehouse keeper.

    Blood Alliance can be used to increase a clan’s level. Also, it can be used to trade with a Clan Trader NPC for reputation points.



    [ About Fortresses | Fortress Rules | Sieges | Siege Rules | Siege Registration | Siege Beginning | Siege Process | Control Room | Fortress Features | Political Activities | Rewards | Residential Skill | Fortress Monster Prison ]

    About Fortresses

    A fortress is a small residential clan area, similar to a clan hall. It can be acquired by winning a fortress siege. Depending on their locations, fortresses are either border or territory fortresses, and are large or small.

    Small fortresses include the following:

    • Aaru Fortress - Border
    • Archaic Fortress
    • Demon Fortress - Border
    • Dragonspine Fortress -Border
    • Hive Fortress
    • Ivory Fortress
    • Monastic Fortress - Border
    • Narsell Fortress
    • Shanty Fortress
    • Tanor Fortress - Border
    • White Sands Fortress

    Large fortresses include the following:

    • Antharas’ Fortress - Border
    • Bayou Fortress
    • Borderland Fortress
    • Cloud Mountain Fortress - Border
    • Floran Fortress - Border
    • Hunter’s Fortress - Border
    • Marshland Fortress
    • Southern Fortress
    • Valley Fortress
    • Western Fortress - Border

    One or two fortresses are located in each territory. They can choose to be politically involved with, or independant from, the castle(s) in that territory.

    Fortress Rules

    Simlar to clan halls, fortresses serve as a clan residence. A clan that owns a fortress can register to siege castles and other fortresses, and can claim ownership of them if they win. In this case, their existing fortress becomes inhabited and controlled by NPCs.

    One clan can own either a castle or a fortress (but not both). A clan that owns a castle or the fortress may also own a clan hall at the same time.

    A clan that owns a fortress can establish a political connection with the clan that owns the castle in that territory.

    A Blood Oath can be obtained through the occupation of a fortress. The Blood Oath can raise the clan’s reputation and level by nine levels.

    While a clan’s fortress is under a siege, the clan cannot acquire any ownership of other fortresses, even if they capture another fortress’s flag.

    Fortress status can be viewed on Mini-Map (Alt+M). Border fortresses are indicated by a red flag and territory fortresses are indicated by blue flag.


    A fortress siege lasts for one hour, and can occur as often as every four hours, for 24 hours a day.

    If the Combat Flag is raised on a flag pole, the fortress siege ends.

    A fortress siege begins 60 minutes after the siege is first initiated (via sign-ups).

    Siege Rules

    General fortress siege rules are similar to castle siege rules. Participants are classified into three groups: friendly party, enemy party, and nonpartisan.

    For attackers, the alliance and the clan members are classified as part of the friendly party. All other members that signed up for the siege are classified as part of the nonpartisan group.

    Once a fortress siege starts, defenders are indicated by a shield icon over their head, while attackers has are indicated by a sword icon.

    Players can attack enemies and nonpartisan without holding down the Control Key. Attacking friendly members is not allowed.

    Siege Registration

    The fortress siege registration procedure is similar to castle siege registration. A clan that is level 4 or higher can sign up to siege a fortress by talking to the Suspicious Merchant NPC near that fortress.

    The first clan that signs up to siege a fortress must pay a participation fee. Once this fee is paid, any other clans that wish to participate in the siege do not have to pay the participation fee. 

    After the participation fee is paid, all other clans that wish to participate have 50 minutes to sign up.

    The siege registration can be canceled within 50 minutes of the initial siege sign-up.

    Once the 50-minute time period for sign-ups has elapsed, the Suspicious Merchant will disappear. A 10-minute countdown will begin, after which the fortress siege will start.

    If the fortress under siege is owned by a clan, that clan is automatically registered as defenders.

    Siege Beginning

    When a fortress siege begins, the area around the fortress will change to a combat field.

    Registered clans can establish a headquarters on that combat field.

    When the siege begins, all fortress doors close and designated guard NPCs are placed.

    If a fortress is owned by a clan, the level of the guard NPCs and various defending functions are affected by the Fortress Defense Level. Also, a Mercenary Captain NPC will appear outside the fortress. This NPC must be protected by the attacking clans.

    Siege Process

    There are three to five NPC camps (depending on the fortress size) located inside the fortress. The Command Camp is located in the center of the fortress.

    If all of the camps are captured within 10 minutes of capturing the first camp, the Command Camp’s door will automatically open.

    To capture a camp, you must kill each camp’s Commander NPC, and you must shut off the power in the Control Room (in a large fortress).

    A clan can use Ballista Bombs to destroy the ballista inside the fortress; destroying ballistas will gain the attacking clan a certain amount of clan reputation.

    After the capture of the first camp, if the attackers fail to capture the other camps within 10 minutes, each camp's Commander NPC will reappear and the players must kill the Commander NPCs all over again.

    If all the camps are successfully captured within the time limit, the door of the Command Camp will open and the Combat Flags will appear inside of the camp.

    If the fortress is owned by a clan, the Mercenary Captain must survive until all the camps are successfully captured in order for the Combat Flags to appear. A total of three Combat Flags will appear.

    When a player acquires one of the Combat Flags, it is automatically equipped. If a character who is holding a flag dies, that flag will be returned to its original location.

    Once players acquire the Combat Flags, their speed and various combat stats will be reduced. They will also automatically receive an active skill that allows them to place the Combat Flag in the flag pole.

    The flag pole is located at the top of the Command Camp. If the clan succeeds to raise the Combat Flag by using the Display Flag skill, that clan will win the siege and claim the fortress.

    When a fortress is claimed, a Special Envoy from that territory’s castle will appear inside of the Command Camp.

    For territory fortresses, only a Special Envoy from that territory’s castle appears. If the fortress is a border fortress, Special Envoys from all of the neighboring territory's castles will appear.

    Once a clan gains ownership of a Territorial Fortress, the clan leader can choose to either swear fealty to that territory's castle or declare their independence.

    A clan that claims ownership of a border fortress may only declare independence.

    Control Room

    In addition to placing Combat Flags, the other way to claim a fortress is to shut down the Control Room. In large fortresses, you must shut down the Control Room, defeat all barrack Captains, and place the flag. Once you place the flag, the victory is yours! (Only large fortresses have a Control Room.)

    After shutting down all of the Sub Power Systems around the Control Room, a member with the Access Card can open the Control Room door.

    The Access Card can be obtained from Dwarven Gunnery Sergeants around the Control Room.

    The attempt to shut down a Sub Power System must be made when the system's HP is low.

    Only Maestros and Warsmiths can shut down the Sub Power Systems.

    A three-digit password is required to activate the controls in the Control Room.

    Any class can enter a password, but Maestros and Warsmiths can find the password easier.

    If an incorrect password is entered a certain number of times, the controls will be temporarily disabled.

    Once all of the Sub Power System are shut down, and the main power has been shut off in the Control Room, the clan must only defete the barrack Captains and place to flag in order to claim the fortress.

    Fortress Features

    Recovery, teleport, and support magic features can be activated by talking to the Foreman NPC. The Clan Warehouse can also be accessed from this NPC.

    Various items such as Shirts, Talismans, etc. can be purchased from the Supply Unit Captain. Also the Supply Unit Captain can teach the sub units skills.

    Knight’s Epaulettes can be used to purchase Shirts, Bracelets, and Talismans from the Fortress Manager NPC.

    Regardless of political status (sworn fealty or independence) of the fortress, the fortress-owning clan receives Clan Reputation Points from the Supply Unit Captain NPC proportional to the length of time they have owned the fortress.

    If a fortress swears fealty to a castle, additional defense-related functions can be activated by talking to the Guard Captain NPC.

    If a fortress swears fealty to a castle, the fortress-defending NPCs can be strengthened and supplies can be purchased from the Logistics Officer NPC.

    Independent fortresses (those that have not sworn fealty to any castle) can enter an underground prison (instanced dungeon) by talking to the Detention Camp Warden NPC.

    Political Activities

    Nonpartisan State

    At the time of victory, the Special Envoy NPC(s) will appear and wait up to one hour for the clan leader’s decision. During this waiting period, the fortress is considered to be in a nonpartisan state.

    When a fortress is in a non-partisan state, the fortress defense-related features and instanced dungeon can not be used; however, some other features can be used and reputation benefits can be obtained from the Foreman NPC.

    Independent State

    A fortress will shift into an independent state when the fortress-owning clan leader decides to declare independence, or if no decision is made during the one hour that the Special Envoy NPC is present.

    When a fortress is in an independent state, it is possible for a castle-owning clan in the same territory to register a siege upon that fortress.

    Fortresses that are independant cannot upgrade the fortress defense features by speaking to the Guard Captain NPC.

    When a fortress is independent, the ability to monitor the fortress defense status by speaking to the Logistics Officer NPC is restricted.

    When a fortress is independent, supply items from the territory's castle will be unavailable (not earned).

    An independent fortress can enter their Fortress Dungeon by speaking to the Detention Camp Warden.

    Contracted State

    A fortress enters a contracted state when the fortress-owning clan decides to swear fealty to the territory's castle by speaking to the Special Envoy NPC.

    When a fortress becomes contracted, the fortress-owning clan must pay a tax to the territory's castle every six hours. The taxes are automatically deducted from the Clan Warehouse.

    If the fortress-owning clan does not have enough Adena in their Clan Warehouse, the state of the fortress automatically switches from contracted to independant.

    When a fortress is contracted, all of the fortress-management features can be used; however, entry into the instanced dungeon will be restricted.

    When a fortress is contracted, the fortress-owning clan can receive supply items by speaking to the Logistics Officer NPC. The supply items level will be increased every six hours when taxes are paid.

    For every supply item delivery, two Clan Reputation Points will be deducted from the castle-owning clan.

    If the castle-owning clan’s Reputation Points drop below two points, the supply item level will stop increasing and the leader of the fortress-owning clan will be notified by the system message.

    The supply items level can increase up to level six.

    If the fortress-owning clan receives Supply Items from the Logistic Officer NPC, the supply items level resets to zero. 

    The castle-owning clan can use the instanced dungeon within their castle if there is a fortress in their territory that they are in a contracted state with.


    When a clan succeeds at taking over a fortress, that clan earns 100 Clan Reputation Points. Losing ownership of a fortress does not result in any loss of Clan Reputation Points.

    Once a clan claims a fortress, the clan’s Reputation Level will increase every six hours. Also the “Blood Oath” can be obtained from the Logistics Officer NPC.

    During a fortress siege, a Knight’s Epaulette can be obtained from a Defender NPC or a Commander NPC.

    If “Blood Alliance", “Blood Oath”, or “Knights Epaulette” are taken to Clan Merchants, such as “Ilia” and “Hulia”, they can be traded for a certain amount of clan reputation points.

    Residential Skill

    A fortress owner obtains residential skills automatically.

    Upon winning a fortress, two residential skills are automatically acquired, and for the Western Fortress a total of three residential skills can be obtained.

    When a clan loses a fortress, the acquired residential skills will disappear.

    Fortress Dungeon (Instanced Dungeon)

    When a fortress is independent, the Warden NPC can grant access to the Fortress Dungeon. Regardless of political status (sworn fealty or independent), the Warden can also issue special Fortress Dungeon-related quests.

    The Fortress Dungeon can be entered by a party consisting of more than two members. The entrance request must be made by the party leader.

    The Fortress Dungeon can be entered every four hours and cannot be entered by more than one party at the same time.

    If a character restarts or logs out inside of the Fortress Dungeon, that character is moved back out to the entrance NPC.

    The Raid Bosses inside of the Fortress Dungeon will disappear if they are not attacked by the players within 10 minutes of entering the instanced dungeon.

    If the Fortress Dungeon Raid Boss is successfully defeated, the party will receive the Dungeon Leader Mark item which then can be traded for a Knight’s Epaulettes.




    Hair Accessories, Bracelets, Shirts, and Talismans can be purchased from a Court Magician NPC in each castle.

    The Hair Accessories are race-specific. There are different ones for Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Kamael.

    There are three types of Bracelets. They are are Iron Bracelet, Bronze Bracelet, and Steel Bracelet.

    The Shirts range from grades C to A.

    There are many Talismans available for purchase, including the Black Talisman.

    Additional Features

    Additional features that were available in Clan Halls have been added to Castles.

    • HP/MP Recovery
    • Exp. Recovery
    • Teleports to hunting grounds
    • Support Magic

    A new fortress status monitoring feature has been added to each castle's Chamberlain NPC. When players select "Receive a Report" from the Chamberlain, they will be able to view the fortress(es) within the castle's territory.

    Residential Skill

    A castle owner automatically obtains residential skills. Three residential skills are available per castle; they are displayed in the Clan Skill Window.

    When a clan loses a castle, the acquired residential skills will automatically disappear.

    Manor System


    Changes to Aden’s Manor

    As the Isle of Souls is included in Aden's territory, the following changes have been made to Aden’s Manor:

    • Low-level seeds have been added to Aden’s Manor for use in the Isle of Souls.
    • A total of 10 seeds have been added; there are five regular and five modified types.
    • Due to the addition of new seeds, the maximum quantity of existing seeds for sale and purchase has been reduced.

    Clan Halls


    The combat abilities of following NPCs in Bandit Stronghold, Beast Reserve, and Fortress of Resistance have been increased:

    • Bloody Lord Nurka in Fortress of Resistance
    • Oel Mahum NPCs in Bandit Stronghold
    • Frenzied Beast NPCs in Beast Reserve
    The NPCs listed above will use a skill called “Strong Resistance” when they are attacked by characters that are more than nine levels higher than they are.



    Clan Level

    Clan Level can now be increased up to level 10.

    • Requirement for Level 9 – Clan Reputation: 40,000, Clan Members: 140+, Items: 150 Blood Oaths
    • Requirement for Level 10 – Clan Reputation: 40,000, Clan Members: 140+, Items: 5 Blood Pledges

    Blood Oaths can be obtained by managing a fortress or by trading with a castle. Blood Pledges can be obtained by managing a castle.

    For the Clan Level 9/10, a total of 25 members of Knights can be recruited for each Order of Knights.

    Residential Skill

    Clan members of a clan that owns either a castle or a fortress automatically acquire the applicable Residential Skills.

    A clan’s Academy members cannot acquire Residential Skills.

    Sub-Unit Skill

    Clan members can acquire Sub-Unit Skills from a castle's Court Magician NPC or a fortress' Support Unit Captain NPC.

    The Clan Reputation, Blood Oath, and Blood Pledge are required for acquiring Sub-Unit Skills.

    Residential Instanced Dungeons


    New dungeons have been added where only Clans that own a Castle or Fortress can enter.

    Types of Dungeons

    • Underground Dungeon: Exclusively for clans that own a castle, and are in a contracted state with a fortress.
    • Fortress Dungeon: Exclusively for clans that own a fortress, and have declared independance.

    Entrance & Exit

    Underground Dungeon: It can be entered by speaking to the Warden NPC located inside the castle.

    Fortress Dungeon: It can be entered by speaking to the Detention Camp Warden NPC.

    Neither of the residential instanced dungeons can be entered during a siege.

    Only one party is allowed to enter the residential instanced dungeons at a time.

    Once a party enters a residential instance dungeon, its reuse time is set to four hours.

    When a castle or fortress changes ownership, any players inside a residential instanced dungeon are not effected. The change in ownership will not boot them out to outside of the dungeon.

    When you restart in an instanced dungeon, you will be moved back outside to the entrance NPC. You can only enter the dungeon again when you’ve rejoined your party.

    After dying in an instanced dungeon, if you choose “To Nearby Village”, you will be moved to the dungeon's exit point.

    Once the final boss monster dies, all players will automatically exit the instanced dungeon after five minutes.

    From the time players first step foot into the instance, they have 60 minutes to complete it. All players will be teleported out of the residential instanced dungeon after 60 minutes.

    All Raid Bosses will automatically de-spawn if they are not attacked within 10 minutes from the time that they first appear.

    If Dungeon Raid Bosses are attacked by players who are more than nine levels higher than that of the Raid Boss, they will use strong Resistance Skills that will reduce players’ various combat stats.



    Great Wolf

    By talking to a Pet Manager, a player can evolve a level 55+ Wolf into a Great Wolf.

    Pets must be summoned in order for them to evolve.

    An evolved Great Wolf's appearance and skills change according to its level. (Level 60-> 65-> 70)

    Pet Management

    The weight of all pet food has been reduced to 10.

    Previously, a pet's gained Exp. was dependant on its combat contribution. Now, pets earn a certain percentage of their master’s Exp. acquisition.

    Different pets take different percentages of their master's acquired Exp.

    If a player's level exceeds that of his or her pet by six levels, the pet's Exp. acquisition receives a penalty. The reduced portion of the Exp. is credited back to the pet's master.

    If a pet’s level exceeds that of its master by 11 levels, the pet’s Exp. acquisition increases. The increased Exp. is acquired from the pet's master.

    Servitor Skill Enchant

    The level of a Servitor can be increased up to level 85 via a skill enchant.

    For each skill enchant, the stats of a servitor change. As it improves, the servitor’s Elemental Defense value increases as well.

    Servitor & Exp

    The Exp. taken by Servitors has been reduced significantly. Some Servitors do not take any Exp. at all anymore.

    • Feline Queen, Unicorn Seraphim, and Nightshade now take no Exp. at level 70+.
    • Kai the Cat, Merrow the Unicorn, and Soulless now take no Exp. at level 70+.
    • Feline King, Magnus the Unicorn, and Spectral Lord do not take any Exp.
    • Kat the Cat, Boxer the Unicorn, and Shadow now take 18% of the Exp. at level 78+.

    Cubic System

    A Cubic is activated when its master is in combat mode.

    A Life Cubic applies to party members' pets and/or servitors.

    Hate value is now applied to Cubics used by Knight Classes.

    Other Updates

    Nightshade’s P Def. and M Def. have been increased by 30%.

    Magnus the Unicorn’s type has been changed from animal to spirit.



    A total of 26 new quests have been added.

    Quest Updates

    Stolen Dignity
    Eleven new items that are required for making A-grade weapons have been added to the bonus item list.

    Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe
    Spellbooks and Charms have been added to Primeval Isle's item list.

    Mimir's Elixir
    The Kamael cannot perform the Mimir's Elixir quest. In order for the Kamael to acquire their sub-class, they must perform the Seeds of Chaos quest.

    An Ice Merchant's Dream
    You can decide the number of quest items to be traded with material items.

    All races other than Kamael can move to the Isle of Souls after completing the Tutorial Quest.

    Kamael: A Window to the Future
    The quest “Kamael: A Window to the Future” has been removed.

    Quest for Fishing Shot
    Sweet Liquid can be obtained from certain monsters on the Isle of Souls.

    Enhance Your Weapon
    More monsters have been added from which the Soul Crystal Level 14 can be obtained.

    User Interface


    The overall User Interface design and font have been redesigned.

    Party Information Window

    A party member’s status window can be re-ordered within the party list. While holding the "Alt” key, the Status Window can be dragged to other spot within the list.

    Pet/Servitor information, including HP/MP/Buff/Debuff, can also be identified within the Party Member Status Window.

    Improved Radar Feature

    The radar now shows terrain information.

    Various features have been included on the radar, such as hiding a player’s location, fixed radar position, and party member/monster location.

    Item Information Link

    You can share your item information with other players. When you click on an item while pressing the "Shift” key, the item information is linked automatically in chat.

    Skill Window

    Active skill information is categorized into Normal, Buff, Debuff, and Toggle within the Skill Window.


    A maximum of 48 macros can be created.

    Game Option

    In the Option Menu, keyboard shortcuts can be changed.

    In Option Menu, an “Improved Shader” function has been added.


    The location of items within a player’s inventory is stored.

    At the upper-right corner of the Inventory page, the “Inventory Auto Sort” button has been added. Players can press this button to automatically sort the items in their inventory.

    Other Changes

    If a Dwarf or Artisan class tries to delete items that can be crystallized, they are crystallized automatically instead.

    Attribute information has been added to the Character Status Window.

    Various Game Option information and in-game interface features have been improved.

    When you have Enter Chat selected from Options, the first window is from F1-F12, and the expanded options are from 1 to =.

    Skill Changes


    [ New Skills | Skill Enchantments | Existing Skill Changes ]

    New Skills


    Skill Name


    Sword Muse Song of Elemental Significantly increases the four types of elemental resistance for all party members.
    Spectral Dancer Dance of Alignment

    Significantly increases Holy/Unholy resistance for all party members.

    Dagger Classes Critical Wound Increases the critical damage inflicted on target. Effect 1.
    Binding Trap Detects traps below Level 78.
    Remove Trap Disarms traps below level 78.
    Archer Classes Counter Chance The skill casting speed and the MP consumption of the skills have a chance to be greatly decreased when attacked. An equipped bow is required in order to use this skill.
    Counter Rapid Shot The bow attack speed of all party members has a chance to be increased when attacked. An equipped bow is required in order to use this skill.
    Counter Dash The speed of all party members has a chance to be increased when attacked. An equipped bow is required in order to use this skill.
    Counter Mind The user's MP has a chance to be recovered when attacked. An equipped bow is required in order to use this skill.
    Titan Over the Body Your fighting spirit and determination give you a temporary boost of courage and allow you to push your body past normal limits.
    Fortune Seeker Spoil Bomb AoE skill that puts targets into spoil state. Targets then explode after a set time (this does not cause AoE damage).
    Archmage Fire Vortex Buster Detonates the Fire Vortex around an enemy to inflict heavy damage.
    Count of Fire Uses the power of fire to inflict damage by burning the target for a set amount of time.
    Mystic Muse Ice Vortex Crusher Crushes the enemy in an Ice Vortex to inflict heavy damage.
    Diamond Dust Freezes targets within range to decrease their speed.
    Throne of Ice Uses the power of ice to inflict damage by freezing the target for set amount of time.
    Storm Screamer Wind Vortex Slug Batters the enemy with a Wind Vortex to inflict heavy damage.
    Empower of Echo Increases the power of magic by increasing MP consumption.
    Throne of Wind Uses the power of wind to inflict the damage by continuously slashing the target for set amount of time.
    Bishop Divine Power Temporarily increases the power of recovery magic.

    Eva's Saint

    Mana Gain Allows the target to receive greater effects from the Recharge skill.
    Shillien Saint
    Doom Cryer Chant of Protection Temporarily reduces the amount of critical damage party members receive from enemies.
    Overlord Seal of Blockade Instantly prevents general attacks of nearby enemies, making them unable to attack.
    Knight Classes Iron Shield Increases the shield block rate in certain probability when attacked.
    Shield of Faith Maximizes the physical and magical defense power of party members, and takes damage for them as long as the skill is active.

    Skill Enchantments

    Various new ways of skill enchanting have been added.

    Safe Skill Enchant

    Failing a skill enchantment does not decrease the enchant skill level.

    The amount of SP and Exp. consumed is three times greater than that of a regular skill enchant.

    Giant's Codex - Mastery is required.

    Enchant Route Change

    The skill enchantment route can now be changed to different route.

    The skill enchantment level has a chance to decrease up to three levels when changing the skill enchantment route.

    Giant's Codex: Discipline is required, along with some SP and Exp. consumption.

    Skill Un-enchanting

    Enchanted skills can be un-enchanted one level at a time.  Some of the consumed SP will be returned.

    Giant's Codex: Oblivion is required.

    New Enchantment Route

    Active, Passive, and Toggle skills can be enchanted.

    Various new enchantment types have been added.

    Some skills can be enchants with elemental attributes.

    Existing Skills Changes

    Debuff skill durations have been adjusted.

    DoT skill effects have been significantly increased.

    The effect of evading physical skills is now added to Ultimate Evasion skill.

    The Erase skill's re-use time has been increased.

    The Shield Mastery skill increases shield defense power.

    The Bless Shield skill’s increased shield defense rate has been reduced slightly.

    The Shield Stun attack now increases the target’s aggressiveness.

    The Advanced Block skill’s increased shield defense power has been reduced slightly.

    Sonic Focus and Focused Force can now collect energy up to grade 8.

    Plainswalkers' Critical Chance skill level has been increased.

    Abyss Walkers’ Critical Power skill level has been increased.

    The Frenzy skill’s increased power is now reduced if the character’s HP goes above 30%.

    The power of Aggression and Aura of Hate skills have been significantly increased, as well as their reuse time. It has also been changed so that it is not affected by attack speed improvement buffs.

    The Vengeance skill’s aggression power has been increased significantly.

    The chance to evade critical damage has been added to the Light Armor Mastery skill that can be learned by Rogues, Elven Scounts, Assassins, and Monks.

    The received critical damage reduction effect has been added to the Heavy Armor Mastery skill that can be learned by Knights, Elven Knights, and Palus Knights.

    The Riposte Stance, Physical Mirror, and the Magical Mirror skills can now reflect buff/de-buff skills as well.

    The Sword Symphony skill can now affect other players, and its power and success rate have been increased.

    The Mass Curse Fear effect and Word of Fear skill can now affect other players, and their re-use time has been increased.

    The effect of vampiric skills has been changed. These skills now absorb a certain percentage of the target’s remaining HP rather than certain percentage of inflicted damage.

    The target-cancelling effect of the Shock Blast skill has been improved, and its casting time has been reduced.

    The Revival skill’s requirement has been changed from 5% HP to 10% HP.

    The Lion Heart skill’s reuse time has been reduced.

    Skills that previously targeted alliance members will now affect only immediate clan members.

    The Mana Burn and Mana Storm skills' power has been decreased, and their re-use time has been increased.

    The Aura Sink and Seal of Gloom skills' power have been decreased.

    Players can now receive Heal and Recharge effects from a servitor during a duel.

    The Holy Weapon skill's effect now affects magic skills as well.

    The displayed effect of some abnormal states (ie: ice, wind, fire, paralysis, petrification, MP-DoT) has been changed.      

    The vampiric skills with the polearm weapons will now work differently.  The amount of absorbed HP will be exponentially reduced after the first target. For example, the amount of absorbed HP gained from the second target will be less than that from the first, the third less than the second, and so on.

    A bug has been fixed where the stacking of aggression occurred when using a spear to attack several monsters.

    Only one attribute-related attack buff can be applied at a time. (For defense, several buffs can be applied.) For example, if a water-attributed attack buff is applied while having the fire-attributed attack buff, the effect of the fire-attributed attack buff will be cancelled.

    Other Changes



    The size of the Olympiad Stadium has been reduced.

    Once a player is moved to the Olympiad Stadium, he or she can select five buffs to receive from the Olympiad Manager. Buffs are not automatically provided.

    The game starts in a closed area and the door opens 10 seconds before the game starts.

    The heroes’ Olympiadstats can be seen at the Monument of Heroes.


    The Kamael Village has been added to the Teleport list of every starter town, Gludio Castle Town, and Aden Castle Town.

    The Schuttgart Castle Town has been added to the teleport list of the Stage 5 Ketra Orc/Varka Silenos Alliance level.