Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness

Before you begin

  • Chronicle 3 - Rise of Darkness can be run only with DirectX 9.0c version or above. If a version lower than this was installed, please download the higher version from the site below and install it.
  • MSN 7.0 version or above should be installed in order to utilize all the MSN functions normally in the game (basic features still function without installing MSN 7.0).

Seven Signs

Seven Signs

As the Seven Seals that bind the power of Shilen, Goddess of Death, are opened one by one, the world moves closer to the brink of chaos. Each Seal contains a great power that can make the world tremble. The one who opens the Seals can control the power contained within them. The Revolutionary Army of Dusk and the Lords of Dawn compete against each other toward this end. Players join one of these two cabals, which vie for control over the power of the Seals.

An unlimited number of players can join the Seven Signs quest, which repeats in two-week intervals. By participating in the Seven Signs, players are given to the opportunity to shape their server in ways that were not possible until now.

The war between the Cabals is between those who hold a castle and those who do not. Players who have not yet reached their second occupation fall into the ‘neutral group’ and may participate in either side.

Joining and Withdrawing from the Seven Signs Cabals

Players who want to participate in the Seven Signs must join one of the Cabals, either the Revolutionary Army of Dusk (hereinafter "Dusk") or the Lords of Dawn (hereinafter "Dawn"). Once they join one of the Cabals, it is impossible for them to withdraw until a new Seven Signs starts after two weeks. At the time they join, they must vote upon the Seal they wish to possess.

1) Characters With a Second Class Transfer:

Lords of Dawn:
Members of clans who own a castle may join the Lords of Dawn. Players who are not members of castle-holding clans or alliances, but who are willing to pay 50,000 adena, will be able to choose Dawn through the Priests of Dawn in each village during the competition period. At this time, the Lord of each castle may purchase an additional 300 Approval Certificates through the Chamberlain and transfer them to other characters.

Characters who are not members of castle-holding clans need to get an Approval Certificate from their castle's Lord to join Dawn, or pay 50,000 adena. Approval Certificates never expire and are re-usable.

Revolutionary Army of Dusk:
Only characters who are not members of the castle-holding clans and guilds may join Dusk. During the registration period, they may join through the Priests of Dusk in each village.

2) Characters Without a Second Class Transfer:
They may freely join either the Lords of Dawn or the Revolutionary Army of Dusk.

3) Characters Without a First Class Transfer:
They may not participate in the Seven Signs.

Competition Period

Characters who joined a Cabal may participate in the competition period from the first Monday until the Monday of the following week. Each Cabal may hunt the Seven Signs monsters (Lilim, Nephilim, Lilith, and Gigant), within the Catacombs and Necropolis’ to acquire Seal Stones. They can participate in two kinds of competitions: acquiring items necessary for their Cabal, and participating in the Festival of Darkness.

Siege Period
Join Status Initialization
Competition Period
Dawn Join Period
Dusk Join Period
Seal-effective period
End of Competition
The Seal is enabled based on victory or defeat
Seal Initialization

1) Collecting Seal stones (Blue, Green, and Red)
Each Cabal may hunt monsters within the Catacombs and Necropolis’ to acquire Seal Stones. Items acquired in this way are entrusted to the Priest of each side. Scores contributed to the Priests by each player are accumulated and included in the total score of the whole Cabal. [Contribution points to the Cabal will be different based on stone color: Blue (1), Green (5), and Red (10)]. Seal Stones are items that can be exchanged among players. Even if these items are not entrusted to the Priest during the competition period, they do not disappear and can be used during the next competition period.

Players hunt the monsters in Necropolis' or Catacomb to get Seal Stones.

2) The Festival of Darkness

  • Overview
    Among the players participating in the Festival of Darkness, the party that records the best score in each level will contribute points to their Cabal. The Festival of Darkness is divided by level and any players belonging to either of the Cabals can participate.
A party comprised of 5 to 9 members participates in the Festival of Darkness.
  • How to Participate
    Players may participate only during the competition period. The party wishing to participate should pay Seal Stones to the Guide of the Festival in the Oracle. Priests in towns will teleport you to the Festival for free. Entry fees vary depending on level, and must be paid by party leaders. Parties must consist of a minimum of 5 members belonging to the same Cabal. Members of each party must correspond to the level of the Festival in which they want to participate. Characters who correspond to the level of the Festival, but who have higher level skills than the party members, may not participate. This happens when the character is de-leveled, but his skills learned from the previous higher level remain. These challenges are always possible during the competition period and there is no limit in the number of challenges.
  • Place of the Festival
    During the Festival, items are not dropped on death and experience loss is reduced by one-fourth. However, chaotic players may still drop items upon death. In the center magic array of the Festival, recovery of MP is faster than elsewhere. Players can be teleported to the Festival and can return to their original location free of charge through the Priest of each village. Upon death, players restart inside the room.
The place where the Festival of Darkness occurs.
  • Festival Costs
    The Festival of Darkness is divided into five grades, such as less than a 32 level, less than a 43 level, less than a 54 level, less than a 65 level and an unlimited level.

    * For each level listed below, pay the indicated amount of either Blue, Green or Red Stones.

    Level Blue Seal Stones Green Seal Stones Red Seal Stones
    Below 32
    Below 43
    Below 54
    Below 65
    No Limit
  • Process
    Teleporting to the battleground is possible only two minutes before the Festival of Darkness begins. Once enrollment is completed through the Festival Guide, parties are immediately teleported to the Festival location. After two minutes of prep time, the Festival begins and continues for 18 minutes while the participants kill the monsters and collect the 'Blood of Sacrifice'. The number collected corresponds to the score registered in the Festival of Darkness. All of the 'Blood of Sacrifice' acquired from the hunt is automatically given to the party leader.
During the Festival the party leader will obtain 'Blood of Sacrifice'.

    If the party feels the need to leave the Festival early they can do so via the Festival Witch located in the center of the room. If they think the Festival needed added challenge, then they can request stronger minions from the Festival Witch. The stronger the monster killed, the more ‘Blood of Sacrifice’ they can acquire. If pets are used to hunt in the Festival then the drop chances for Blood of Sacrifice will be lowered.
  • Registering Your Score
    After the Festival ends, the leader of the party must register the result to the Guide of the Festival within 40 minutes. Please note that if the party fails to register within this time, the result will become invalid. If the registered result is lower than the previous highest record, the record is not updated.
  • Prize
    After the competition period ends and their Cabal has won, party members who set the highest score for each grade can receive Ancient Adena as compensation from the Festival Guide. Although a party may set the high score for a specific level, they cannot receive a prize if the Cabal they belong to loses. Please note that the prize is paid only before the start of the next competition period.
End of the Competition Period, Victory and Defeat

1) Determination of Victory and Defeat

Victory is determined by combining the high scores recorded in the Festival of Darkness along with the amount of Seal Stones each Cabal has entrusted to their priest.

Maximum Level


~ 32


~ 43


~ 54


~ 65




2) Settlement of Ancient Adena
Once the Seal Effective period begins, the Priest in the village rewards Ancient Adena to the player on the winning Cabal based on the amount of Seal Stones turned in during the competition period. If the player kept their Seal Stones and did not turn them in, they are still able to turn them into the Priest in exchange for Ancient Adena. The only time one may receive Ancient Adena is if they are on the winning Cabal of this particular Seal Period. The losing side may not turn in their Seal Stones until their Cabal is able to win a competition period.

3) Purchasing Items
The winner can purchase a variety of items that cannot be purchased in the general stores by paying with Ancient Adena to the Priest of Dusk or Dawn.

4) Change in the Ownership of the Seal
Seals are owned based on being victorious during the competition period and having the required voting percentage for the Seal.

- If the seal was not in effect or owned by the opposing Cabal, then the new winner must receive 35% or more of the total votes to obtain it. If the vote is less then 35% then they cannot own the Seal.

- If the cabal owned the Seal in the previous Seven Signs competition, then they can retain the seal if 10% or more members have voted for it.

5) Change in the Environment
If Dawn wins, a solar eclipse occurs and the sky turns violet; if Dusk wins, an eye is created in the moon and the sky turns green.

If Dusk wins, an eye is created in the moon and the sky turns to a green color.

Seal Effects
If a party owns each Seal, the following changes will occur.

1) Seal of Avarice
  • The teleport NPC at the entrance of the Necropolis moves the winner inside the dungeon, and they can purchase various kinds of buffs with Ancient Adena.
  • Able to enter all 8 Necropolis freely.
  • In the Necropolis, monsters are generated for the winner to hunt.
  • They can meet Anakim or Lilith in the Disciples Necropolis. Anakim and Lilith are part of the quest in which you can enhance your A-grade weapon.
  • The Trader of Mammon appears inside the dungeon. They can purchase a variety of items that cannot be purchased in general stores by paying with Ancient Adena. The Trader of Mammon does not stay in one place, but often moves around each dungeon.

2) Seal of Gnosis

  • The teleport NPC at the entrance of the Catacombs moves only the winner inside the dungeon.
  • Able to enter all 6 Catacombs freely.
  • The winner can purchase teleports from the Priests to various hunting areas with Ancient Adena.
  • Hostile NPCs are located around each village, except starting towns, and randomly cast various kinds of de-buffs onto the members of the losing Cabal.
  • Friendly NPCs are located around each village, except starting towns, and randomly cast various kinds of buffs onto the members of the winning Cabal.
  • An NPC named The Blacksmith of Mammon will appear inside the Catacombs. He accepts Ancient Adena for performing A-grade weapon enhancements, removing the Seal on armor, equipment exchanges to higher-level items, as well as free exchange for equipment of the same level. The Blacksmith of Mammon wanders around each Catacomb.

3) Seal of Strife

- If Owned by Dawn

  • During a siege, it is now possible to hire elite Dawn Mercenaries in addition to the existing mercenaries.
  • The cost required to upgrade the castle gates and walls is slightly reduced.
  • The defensive power of the castle gates and walls is slightly increased.
  • The maximum tax rate that the lord of each castle can establish is increased to 25%.

- If Owned by Dusk

  • During a siege, defenders are unable to hire anything but low-level mercenaries
  • The cost required to upgrade the castle gates and walls is greatly increased.
  • The defensive power of the castle gates and walls is greatly reduced.
  • The maximum tax rate that the lord of each castle can establish is decreased to 5%.
Catacombs, Necropolis', and The Oracle
Sixteen dungeons were added in relation to the Seven Signs. The Oracle is the place where the Festival of Darkness is held. The Catacombs and Necropolis’ are dungeons where the players can hunt monsters and get Seal Stones necessary for the acquisition of the Seals. These monsters, represented by Lilim and Nephilim, drop Seal Stones, but do not drop Adena. Access to these dungeons is limited based on participation in the Cabal and ownership of the Seals.

1) Necropolis

  • Necropolis of Sacrifice: level 20~30 monsters appear and it is located on the southern seashore of the Gludio Territory.
  • Pilgrims Necropolis: level 30~40 monsters appear and it is located near the Partisan's Hideaway in Dion Territory.
  • Worshipers Necropolis: level 40~50 monsters appear and it is located near the Alligator Island in the Innadril Territory.
  • Patriots Necropolis: level 50~60 monsters appear and it is located above the Gludio Castle in the Gludio Territory.
  • Ascetics Necropolis: level 60~70 monsters appear and it is located near the Altar of Rites in the Oren Territory.
  • Martyrs Necropolis: level 60~70 monsters appear and it is located near the Giran Castle in the Giran Territory.
  • Saints Necropolis: level 70~80 monsters appear and it is located near the Field of Whispers in the Innadril Territory.
  • Disciples Necropolis: level 70~80 monsters appear and it is located near the Devastated Castle in the Aden Territory. From here, the players can move to the place where Anakim or Lilith appear, based on the ownership of the Seals.

2) Catacomb

  • Heretics Catacomb: level 30~40 monsters appear and it is located near the Execution Ground in the Dion Territory.
  • Catacomb of the Branded: level 40~50 monsters appear and it is located near the Giran Port in the Giran Territory.
  • Catacomb of the Apostate: level 50~60 monsters appear and it is located near the Plains of the Lizardmen in the Oren Territory.
  • Catacomb of the Witch: level 60~70 monsters appear and it is located near the Forest of Mirrors in the Aden Territory.
  • Catacomb of Dark Omens: level 70~80 monsters appear and it is located near the Dark Elven Village in the Oren Territory.
  • Catacomb of the Forbidden Path: level 70~80 monsters appear and it is located near the Hunters Village in the Aden Territory.

3) Oracle

  • Oracle of Dawn: located near the Orc Barracks in the Gludio Territory.
  • Oracle of Dusk: located near the Windy Hill in the Gludio Territory.
  • One cannot create a Private Store while inside the Oracle of Dusk or Dawn. The Oracles are considered Peace Zones.

4) Access to the Dungeons
During the first week of the Seven Signs, the competition period, any characters who join a Cabal can access the dungeons. After the competition period is over and the Seals are effective, only the Cabal who owns the appropriate Seal can have access. The loser, or even the winner who did not achieve the voting percentage necessary to obtain the Seal, cannot access the dungeons for the week following the competitions when the Seals are in effect.

Any characters who joined the Cabal can access dungeons during the competition period.
Other Matters

1) Seal Stones
Seal Stones are exchangeable and can be acquired by hunting Lilim, Nephilim, and Gigant in the Catacombs and Necropolis’. The value of the Stones are higher in the order of Blue < Green < Red. If the player entrusts the stones to the Priests in town, it will add points to your Cabal. Blue, Green, and Red contribute 3, 5, and 10 points respectively.

Entrusted Seal Stones will contribute to grand total points of Cabal.

2) Ancient Adena
Ancient Adena is acquired through Seal Stones during the competition period. Ancient Adena is used to purchase the items from the Priests of Dawn or Dusk, Blacksmith of Mammon, Trade of Mammon, or to utilize various functions. The Black Market Trader of Mammon will also convert Ancient Adena to regular Adena at a one to one ratio.

3) The Record of Seven Signs
This is the item that allows you to see overall situations, main events and Seal states of the Seven Signs at a glance. Anyone can buy this item at 500 adena through the Priests of Dawn or Dusk.

4) Approval Certificates of the Lord
With this item characters that are not members of castle-holding clans, who have done their second class transfer can join Dawn.

5) The Black Market Trader of Mammon
They exchange Seal Stones and also exchange Ancient Adena with Adena.

Manor System

1. The Improved Seeds.

An improved seed type has been added to allow monsters to drop regular items in addition to adena and crops. The drop rate is tha same as when hunting normally. Sowing probability has been lowered accordingly.

In this way, from two types of seeds, you may select the style that is most helpful in making good use of the manor system. In each castle, improved seeds have been added to be sold in the varieties that had been available for normal seeds. For example, in Gludio Castle, originally there were 8 types of seeds sold; 8 types of improved seeds have been added, for a total of 16 types of seeds for sale.

2. Change in the probability of sowing.
When sowing the seeds, originally, no more than one crop was produced. In certain cases, this has been changed so that multiple crops can now be produced.

3. Setting the limit on the seeds' sale price and the crops' compensation price.

1) When setting the seeds' sale price, it was restricted to set the price at 60% or less, or 1000% or more of the seeds' base price.

2) Likewise, when setting the crop's compensation price, it was restricted to set the price at 60% or less, or 1000% or more of the crop's compensation price. The seed and item compensation prices may be viewed by speaking with the particular castle's Grand Chamberlain.

4. The total number of seeds that can be sold and items that can be purchased have been changed.
The limit on the number of each seed that can be sold per day needs to be determined and the number of items that can be purchased is now limited to the same amount of seeds that are set to be sold. Therefore, there is no way to purchase items without having first settled the sale of seeds. 100% of the amount of seeds put on sale by the castle lord may now be purchased.

5. The type of compensation for items has been changed.
When selling crops to the manor manager in the past, 2 or 3 items were given based on certain probability per reward type. Now, only one kind of item by reward type will be given.
Ingredients required for crafting high-grade items such as enria, asofe, thons and mold hardener have been added to the list of rewards, as well.

6. Change to the castle blacksmith's method of producing items .
Previously, when the Lord of each castle produces the final products through the castle blacksmith, the crop necessary for producing certain merchandise is limited to one kind. Now the Lord of each castle is allowed to use all the crops to produce each piece of merchandise. For example, only the matured blue Cobol could be used before to make the Enchanted Haste Potion. Now he is allowed to make the potion with all the crops purchased in the appropriate castle. Also, the number of types of items that each castle may produce has been increased to 10 or more.

7. The price for the Chilly Cobol has been dropped from 200 adena to 125 adena.

8. Party members are now shown a success message when sowing is successful.

Castle Changes

1. Siege Alliance System
At the time of siege warfare, the siege clans not allied with each other are automatically set up as an alliance clan fighting against the defending side. Therefore, the siege clans can avoid automatically attacking each other, as well as damage from ranged magic used by the attacking side. However, if the Lord of the appropriate castle is changed even once during siege warfare, that siege alliance is dissolved and the participating clans will become enemies. Therefore, they can suffer damage from automatic attack and ranged magic. These clans cannot be allied with the attacking clans of other castles.

2. Players can now enter in the tax rate directly through the Chamberlain versus just picking 0, 5, 10, or 15%.

3. The Wyvern Master has been added to each castle. Players must communicate with the Wyvern Master to ride the wyvern.

4. The build headquarters skill won't be interrupted by another player's attack.

5. The HP of castle doors and walls has been reduced by about 1/5 of their original value.

Clan Hall

1. Six auction-type Clan Halls have been added to the Town of Aden.

2. Each house has been granted a unique name.
Each house has been given its own name; for instance, the first house in Gludin Village has been given the name Gludin Crystal Hall.

3. Clan halls are now classified into grades.

  • Town of Aden Houses: A grade
  • Gludio Castle Town/Gludin Village Houses: B grade
  • Dion Castle Town Houses: C grade

4. Clan Hall Decorations
Players can add a variety of decorations and new functions to their Clan Hall. The inside features can now be changed in Gludio Castle Village and Aden Castle Village. In other villages, the functions are working, but the graphic changes have not been added yet. The decorations for Clan Hall will be added over time. The following decorations can be added if a fee is paid:

Players can add a variety of decorations and new functions to the Clan Hall.

1) Recovery Facilities (Higher levels can be chosen for higher-grade houses)

  • Fireplace: Same as existing HP recovery ability.
  • Carpet: Same as existing MP recovery ability.
  • Chandelier: When a character dies and returns to the clan house, a fixed % of experience is recovered.

2) Miscellaneous Equipment         

  • Mirror: Allows teleportation to nearby regions and hunting areas.
  • Interior curtains: Offer a variety of buffs through Clan Hall manager NPC. Higher levels available for higher-grade houses.
  • Magic Machine: For B-grade and higher houses, item production is available by grade.

3) Decorative Additions

  • Curtain, Foyer: These are decorations to make the house look more beautiful.

5. If the production function is enabled through the house manager, consumable items not sold in the store can be purchased in limited quantity per hour through the house manager.

6. The method to enter the Clan Hall has been changed to allow access through the opening and closing of the Clan Hall gate. The gate of the Clan Hall can be opened through the NPC, or by directly clicking on it.

7. Auction base prices, security deposits and weekly rent have been changed for each house as follows:
- Town of Aden: auction base value (50,000,000 adena), deposit (1,500,000 adena), weekly rent (1,000,000 adena)
- Gludio Castle Town, Gludin Village: auction base value (20,000,000 adena), deposit (1,000,000 adena), weekly rent (500,000 adena)
- Dion Castle Town: auction base value (8,000,000 adena), deposit (500,000 adena), weekly rent (200,000 adena)

Combat Will Points

Extra damage protection adds a new dynamic to Player vs. Player combat!

Combat Will Points (CP) offer a new dynamic to PvP situations, by adding an extra layer of protection when attacked by another player. CP total varies by class, recovers over time, and acts as a buffer that must be depleted before damage will affect your hit-points.

  1. CP is the statistic consumed through PvP. If damaged by a PC (including servitors and pets of PC), CP is consumed first and HP is not consumed. If the CP is not enough to consume all the damage, HP begins to be consumed as much as the difference. The total quantity of CP is applied differently by level/class. Like HP, CP is also gradually recovered as time passes.

  1. In PvP, a chaotic character with a PK count of 5 or less will no longer drop items upon death.
  1. The success rate of an equipped shield defending against a critical attack has been greatly increased.
  1. Similar to the idea of a critical, a shield has a chance to completely defend against an attack.
  1. For smooth solo-play, the experience penalty received from hunting monsters of a level lower than one's own has been changed so the penalty no longer applies when the monster is less than 5 levels below one's own (target name appears light green).
  1. To improve the benefits of hunting in a small party, the party experience bonus obtained when killing monsters has been changed as follows:
    • 2 member party 7% -> 30%
    • 3 member party 14% -> 39%
    • 4 member party 23% -> 50%
    • 5 member party 31% -> 54%
    • 6 member party 40% -> 58%
    • 7 member party 50% -> 63%
    • 8 member party 61% -> 67%

  2. The penalty applied at 80%+ weight has been relaxed to be the same as the penalty applied at 66%+ weight.
  1. Those characters who have achieved 100% at level 75 and cannot acquire further experience, when partied with others, will absorb the amount of experience like someone of level 70 so that other party members may obtain a bit more experience.

Skills & Magic

1. New Skills




For a short while, when not moving, increases attack power, critical chance, and accuracy.

Fatal Counter

Shoot arrows with one’s pain added.

Crush of Doom

Use a two-handed weapon to deliver a strong blow to an enemy. HP is used. Overhit is possible.


When using a shield, shield defense from all directions is possible.

Focus Attack

When using a spear, attack just one enemy. The hit ratio is increased.

Aegis Stance

When defending with a shield, shield defense from all the directions is possible. Shield defense power is decreased.

Agile Movement

When wearing light armor, accuracy and movement speed are increased.

Aqua Splash

Generate a strong wave and attack multiple enemies.


Generate a huge explosion and attack multiple enemies.

Clear Mind

In the standing and walking state, increase MP recovery speed.

Mass Slow

Decrease the moving speed of the surrounding enemies. HP is consumed.

Servitor Ultimate Defense

Greatly increases the summon's melee and magic defense. During the effect's duration, the summon cannot move.

Servitor Cure

Heal the summon, and cure poison.

Servitor Blessing

Dissolve the hold, paralysis, attacking speed and moving speed decrease condition of the Servitor.

Wild Magic

Increase the critical rate of damage attack magic.

Advanced Block

Increase the shield defense power.


Reduce the CP of targets within an area. For use with spears.

Blinding Blow

Deliver a strong, critical attack and for a short while, increase one's own movement speed. For use with daggers.

Shield Fortress

Increase one’s shield defense power. Continuously consume MP.

Quiver of Arrows - A grade

Create Mithril arrows. A minimum of 450 and a maximum of 1800 are created. Requires 1 A grade crystal.

Quiver of Arrows - S grade

Create Shining arrows. A minimum of 650 and a maximum of 2600 are created. Requires 1 S grade crystal.

Honor of Paagrio

Recover the CP of alliance members.

Ritual of Life

Recover CP.


Increases the effectiveness of HP recovering magic on party members.

2. Additional Skills per Class/Level

Shillien Knight



Shield Fortress

64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74

Guard Stance

43, 52, 62, 70

Sword Singer

Poison Recovery


Cure Bleeding


Plains Walker

Blinding Blow

66, 68, 70, 72, 74

Silent Move


Poison Recovery


Cure Bleeding


Abyss Walker

Blinding Blow

66, 68, 70, 72, 74



60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74

Quiver of Arrows - A grade


Quiver of Arrows - S grade


Silver Ranger

Quiver of Arrows - A grade


Quiver of Arrows - S grade


Poison Recovery


Cure Bleeding


Phantom Ranger

Fatal Counter

60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74

Quiver of Arrows - A grade


Quiver of Arrows - S grade




58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74

Clear Mind

40, 48, 56, 62, 68, 74


Aqua Splash

58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74

Clear Mind

40, 48, 56, 62, 68, 74


Clear Mind

40, 48, 56, 62, 68, 74

Surrender to Wind

40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74


Mass Slow

62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74



66, 70, 74

Cure Poison





Wild Magic

62, 70

Advanced Block

58, 66, 72

Cure Poison


Resist Shock

64, 72          

Shillien Elder

Wild Magic

62, 70

Cure Poison





Resist Aqua

58, 62, 66

Resist Wind

58, 62, 66

Resist Poison

60, 64, 68


Honor of Paagrio

66, 68, 70, 72, 74

Ritual of Life

64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74

Warlock/Elemental Summoner/Phantom Summoner

Servitor Ultimate Defense

52, 70

Servitor Cure

40, 48, 60

Servitor Blessing


3. Change in Skill Effects

  • For the spells Totem Spirit Wolf, Totem Spirit Bear, Totem Spirit Puma, Totem Spirit Ogre, and Totem Spirit Bison, the duration has been shortened to 2 minutes. Reuse time and MP consumption have been reduced by 1/5.
  • Vitalize can cure poisons and wounds up to level 9.
  • An Overlord's clan defense magic effect now extends to alliance members.
  • The attack range of Curse Gloom was increased.
  • Energy-charging skills cannot be cast if the amount of energy charged is already at its maximum.
  • Drain Energy, Vampiric Touch, Curse Death Link and Vampiric Claw are now classified as magic with the attribute of Darkness.
  • Skills like Final Frenzy, Final Fortress, and Totem Spirit Bison, that require HP to be below a certain level to take effect, have had their HP threshold increased.
  • The effect and HP restriction for Curse Death Link, in which the lower the HP is, the more damage increases, was adjusted upwards.
  • When another character's song/dance is in effect, if a song or dance skill is used, the amount of MP used increases. Also, originally, the MP use-increase was not dependent on whether or not a dance and song was already in effect. Now, if a dance effect is already in place and a song skill is used, the amount of MP used increases.
  • The success rates of Mortal Blow, Deadly Blow, and Backstab skills were adjusted so as not to be affected by the skills that increase critical rates. MP costs of such skills were reduced.
  • The Toggle skill was adjusted to consume MP when it is operated.
  • When using the skill Transfer Pain, if the damage to be delivered is greater than the summon's health, the full damage will be delivered to the summoner instead, so that the summon will not die because of the Transfer Pain skill.
  • Mana Regeneration's effect has been increased.
  • In the past, critical damage-raising buffs and passive skills would have the critical power not be affected by the target's defense stat. From now on, increased critical power will be influenced by a target's defense. Critical attack skills, likewise, are affected by the target's defense.
  • The additional effects from overlapping of various buffs and passive skills that raise the critical rate have been lowered slightly.

4. Several skills and magic's casting action and graphical effects have been changed.

5. Due to the addition of skill, the required SP quantity by class/level was changed.

Pet & Servitor

1. Wyvern

  • The lord of the castle can ride a Wyvern freely throughout the sky.
  • Wyverns can only be ridden by speaking with the wyvern manager at the uppermost floors of the castle.
  • To ride a wyvern, one must be in strider-riding mode.
  • To ride a wyvern, B-grade crystals are required.
  • Wyverns, like other pets, need to be continuously fed (with wyvern food). If they are not fed, they will be forcibly unsummoned and players will be returned to the closest village.
  • While riding a Wyvern, you may not attack any monsters. But you may use the wyvern's special breath attack skill to attack other players.
  • You cannot pick up items while astride a wyvern, and characters cannot use skills.
  • When /mount is used, wyverns will promptly disappear. When the wyvern is unsummoned in mid-air, falling damage can be applied - so beware!
  • When riding wyverns into special regions, like the top floor of the Tower of Insolence, where one cannot go under normal circumstances, dismounting is not allowed.
  • When riding a wyvern, if a castle lord changes, the player will be forcibly unmounted.


2. When summoning, the total amount of crystals required for summoning will not be used upfront. Only some portion is consumed at this time; as time passes, more of the crystals will be used, so that the total number of crystals will be used by the end of a complete summoning. The amount of required crystals and summon duration is the same as before.

3. Pets and summons had been classified as humanoids and have been fixed to properly match their species' true classification.

4. Pets took penalties based on its master's level, but now pets will receive penalties independently of its master's level.

5. If pet food is in the pet's inventory and its hunger gauge falls below 55%, it will automatically consume food to increase its hunger gauge.



1. A-grade items have been added. A-grade items can only be obtained through crafting. When crafted, they are crafted into a sealed state. Sealed A-grade items are not shown with the normal graphics.




A-grade weapons are not sealed and can be crafted and obtained by killing special raid bosses. If a special weapon option is bestowed upon an A-grade weapon, when attacking other players physically and/or with magic, additional damage is delivered.


When armor pieces are obtained or crafted, they will exist in a sealed state. Sealed A-grade items, if worn, are displayed with the normal graphic, however the icon with the item sealed and unsealed are different. The defensive rating of a sealed armor piece and its unsealed equivalent are the same. But to acquire the item set bonuses, the seals must be released. When unsealing boots and gloves, one must select light armor, heavy armor, or robes. The boots and gloves must be of the same class of armor as the body armor when worn to have the set bonus to take effect.


Accessories, like armor, are crafted in a sealed state. In Chronicle 3, the seal on accessories cannot be undone.

2. Special Abilities Options for Weapons

1) New special weapon options have been added:




The maximum MP is increased with a fixed percentage and the maximum HP is decreased with a fixed percentage.


Magic casting speed increases with a fixed percentage.

Magic Damage

When using harmful magic on a target, it delivers additional magic damage with a fixed percentage.

Magic Power

When attacking with magic, the amount of MP used increases with a fixed percentage and magic power also increases.

Magic Paralyze

When using harmful magic on a target, it will paralyze the target with a fixed percentage.

Magic Silence

When using harmful magic on a target, it will silence the target with a fixed percentage.


Increases magic power.

2) Changes to the existing weapon special abilities options:




Originally it lowered the weapon's weight by 50% but it has been changed to lower the weight by 70%.

Rsk. Haste

The 20% or lower requirement for HP has been changed to be 60% or lower.

Rsk. Evasion

The 20% or lower requirement for HP has been changed to be 60% or lower.

Rsk. Focus

The 20% or lower requirement for HP has been changed to be 60% or lower.


During a critical, the probability of the special abilities taking effect has been greatly increased.


During a critical, the damage formula used has been changed. Therefore, the numbers have also changed.

Cheap Shot

Originally, this ability randomly reduced the amount of MP used when attacking with a bow. It has been changed so that a very little amount of MP is always used.

Back Blow

When attacking a target's back, the critical has been fixed to increase by a non-absolute probability.


Decreases the maximum amount of HP by 15% and increases attack power.

3) A-grade Weapon Options
The newly added A-grade weapons have the following options available. To bestow the weapons with an option, an 11/12 level soul stone is required and can only be performed by Mamon's Blacksmith.



Dasparion's Staff

May select one of: Mana-Up, Conversion, Acumen to bestow.

Meteor Shower

May select one of: Focus, Crt.Bleed, Rsk.Haste to bestow.

Elysian Axe

May select one of: Health, Anger, Crt.Drain to bestow.

Branch of the Mother Tree

May select one of: Conversion, Magic Damage, Acumen to bestow.

Carnium Bow

May select one of: Light, Crt.Drain, Mana-Up to bestow.

Bow of Soul

May select one of: Cheap Shot, Quick Recovery, Crt.Poison to bestow.

Bloody Orchid

May select one of: Focus, Back Blow, Crt.Bleed to bestow.

Soul Separator

May select one of: Guidance, Crt.Damage, Rsk.Haste to bestow.

Blood Tornado

May select one of: Haste, Focus, Anger to bestow.

Dragon Grinder

May select one of: Rsk.Evasion, Guidance, Health to bestow.


May select one of: Haste, Crt.Stun, Wide Blow to bestow.

Tallum Glaive

May select one of: Guidance, Health, Wide Blow to bestow.

Tallum Blade

May select one of: Crt.Poison, Haste, Anger to bestow.

Elemental Sword

May select one of: Magic Power, Magic Paralyze, Empower to bestow.

Sword of Miracles

May select one of: Magic Power, Magic Silence, Acument to bestow.

Dragon Slayer

May select one of: Health, Crt.Bleed, Crt.Drain to bestow.

Dark Legion

May select one of: Crt.Damage, Health, Rsk.Focus to bestow.


Ability to increases attack speed by 8% if the enchant level is 4 or more.

Keshanberk* Damascus

Ability to increase maximum HP by 25% if the enchant level is 4 or more.

Damascus * Damascus

Ability to increase accuracy by 6 if the enchant level is 4 or more.

* Level 11/12 Soul Crystal: Even without using soul absorption skills, the soul collection is possible, and when killing a boss monster (Antharas, Baium, Anakim, Lilith, etc.) the party whose member delivered the last blow may have entire members upgrade the soul crystal.

4) Additional C-grade Weapon Options
The newly-added C-grade two-handed sword Berserker Blade and the weapons that previously could not have C-grade weapon options added: Sword of Limit, Deathbreath Sword, and Homunkulus Sword, can now be given special weapon options.



Sword of Limit

May select one of: Guidance, Crt.Drain, Health to bestow.

Deathbreath Sword

May select one of: Empower, Magic Power, Magic Silence to bestow.

Homunkulus Sword

May select one of: Acumen, Conversion, Paralyze to bestow.

Berserker Blade

May select one of: Focus, Crt.Damage, Haste to bestow.

5) Daggers from which the might mortal option had been removed have had the following option added:

  • Dark Elven Dagger: Rsk. Haste
  • Stiletto: Rsk. Haste
  • Crystal Dagger: Crt. Damage
  • Demon Dagger: Crt. Damage

6) Since the attack power of dual-swords has been increased when enchanting, the value of the special effects that appear at enchant level 4+ have been adjusted.

3. A-grade Set Items
A-grade Set Items have been added. To receive A-grade set bonuses, the seals must be undone.

Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal Heavy Armor Set

Dark Crystal Breastplate

Bonus: Amount of healed +4%, probability of paralysis -50%, STR-2, CON+2. when the Dark Crystal Shield is also worn, increases shield defense +18%.

Dark Crystal Gaiters

Dark Crystal Gloves (for use with heavy armor)

Dark Crystal Boots (for use with heavy armor)

Dark Crystal Helmet

Dark Crystal Shield

Dark Crystal Light Armor Set

Dark Crystal Leather Mail

Bonus: Physical attack speed/physical attack power +4%, probability of paralysis -50%, STR+1, CON-1.

Leggings of Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal Gloves (for use with light armor)

Dark Crystal Boots (for use with light armor)

Dark Crystal Helmet

Dark Crystal Robe Set

Dark Crystal Robe

Bonus: Physical defense +8%, magic casting speed +15%, movement speed +7, reduces probability of spell cancellation slightly, probability of paralysis -50% WIT+2, MEN-2.

Dark Crystal Gloves (for use with robes)

Dark Crystal Boots (for use with robes)

Dark Crystal Helmet

Tallum Plate

Tallum Heavy Armor Set

Tallum Plate Armor

Bonus: Physical attack speed +8%, weight +5759, probability of receiving poisoning/wounds -80%, STR+2, CON-2.

Tallum Gloves (for use with heavy armor)

Tallum Boots (for use with heavy armor)

Tallum Helmet

Tallum Light Armor Set

Tallum Leather Mail

Bonus: MP recovery speed +8%, maximum MP +222, probability of receiving poisoning/wounds -80%, MEN+2, WIT-2.

Tallum Gloves (for use with light armor)

Tallum Boots (for use with light armor)

Tallum Helmet

Tallum Robe Set

Tallum Tunic

Bonus: Magic casting speed +15%, magic defense +8%, probability of receiving poisoning/wounds -80%, INT-2, WIT+2.

Tallum Hose

Tallum Gloves (for use with robes)

Tallum Boots (for use with robes)

Tallum Helmet

Nightmare Robe

Nightmare Heavy Armor Set

Armor of Nightmare

Bonus: physical attack power +4%, probability of being affected by sleep/hold -70%,CON+2, DEX-2. When the Shield of Nightmare is also worn, damage from an enemy's melee attacks will be reflected slightly by 5%.

Gauntlets of Nightmare (for use with heavy armor)

Boots of Nightmare (for use with heavy armor)

Helmet of Nightmare

Shield of Nightmare

Nightmare Light Armor Set

Nightmare Leather Mail

Bonus: Magic defense +4%, probability of being afflicted with sleep/hold -70%, recovers about 3% in HP from the melee damage delivered to an enemy, DEX+1, CON-1.

Gauntlets of Nightmare (for use with light armor)

Boots of Nightmare (for use with light armor)

Helmet of Nightmare

Nightmare Robe Set

Robe of Nightmare

Bonus: MP recovery speed +4%, magic attack +8%, probability of being afflicted with sleep/hold -70%, INT+2, WIT-2.

Gauntlets of Nightmare (for use with robes)

Boots of Nightmare (for use with robes)

Helmet of Nightmare

Majestic Plate Armor

Majestic Heavy Armor Set

Majestic Plate Armor

Bonus: physical attack power +4%, accuracy +3, probability of being afflicted with stun -50%, STR+2. CON-2.

Majestic Gauntlets (for use with heavy armor)

Majestic Boots (for use with heavy armor)

Majestic Circlet

Majestic Light Armor Set

Majestic Leather Mail

Bonus: bow attack power +8%, maximum MP +240, weight +5759, probability of being afflicted with stun -50%, DEX+1, CON-1.

Majestic Gauntlets (for use with light armor)

Majestic Boots (for use with light armor)

Majestic Circlet

Majestic Robe Set

Majestic Robe

Bonus: Maximum MP +240, magic casting speed +15%, MP recovery speed +8%, probability of being afflicted with stun -50%, MEN+1, INT-1.

Majestic Gauntlets (for use with robes)

Majestic Boots (for use with robes)

Majestic Circlet

4. All B-grade gloves and boots have been placed into a sealed state and any more [B-grade items] obtained from here on will be similarly sealed upon acquisition. To unseal, visit the town blacksmiths and unseal them for free. When removing a seal, one needs to select the correct type for one's item: heavy type, light type, robes.

5. Other Added Items

  1. The following are consumable items that have been added.

    • SP Scroll: Charge certain rate of SP to the users.
    • Blessed Scroll of Escape to Hideaway: A magic scroll that teleports you to your hideaway. If you don't have a hideaway, it will relocate you to the nearest village.
    • Blessed Scroll of Escape to Castle: A magic scroll that teleports you to your Castle. If you do not have a Castle, it will relocate you to the nearest village.
    • Sleep Dissolution Scroll: If you use it on a sleeping target, it awakens it from sleep.
    • Energy Stone: Charges the energy of the Gladiator and Tyrant one step at a time. It can charge up to the second step.
    • CP potion: Recovers CP as much as 50.
    • Advanced CP potion: Recovers CP as much as 200.
    • Spell Casting Speed Haste Portion: Spell casting speed increases. Intensity: Acumen 2
    • Advanced Spell Casting Speed Haste Portion: Spell casting speed increases. Intensity: Acumen 3
  2. Other Normal Items
    • The two-handed swords: Zweihander (no grade), Heavy Sword (D grade), and Berserker Blade (C grade), have been added.
    • Food for wyverns has been added. It can be purchased from the Grand Chamberlain.
    • The fashion-item 'Party Mask' has been added. During Seal Effect period of the Seven Signs, they may be purchased from the Priests (of Dawn or Dusk).
    • Squeaking Shoes that when worn emit a unique 'bbok-bbok' sound have been added. During Seal Effect period of Seven Signs, they may be purchased from the Priests (of Dawn or Dusk).
    • Ingredients required for crafting A-grade items have been added: Metallic Thread, Reinforced Metallic Plate, Reorin's Mold, Warsmith's Mold, Archsmith's Anvil Lock, Warsmith's Holder. Out of the added ingredient items, Reorin's Mold, Warsmith's Mold, Archsmith's Anvil Lock, Warsmith's Holder can only be crafted by speaking with town blacksmiths.

6. Enchantment-Related Changes

  1. The amount of attack power a scroll of enchant weapon adds to a dual-sword, two-handed sword and blunt weapon, fist weapon, or bow-class weapons has been increased.

    - Dual-sword/Fist/Two-handed Sword and Blunt Weapons
    C/B-grade: For an enchant level of 3 and lower, it has been increased from 3 to 4, and for an enchant level higher than 3, it has been changed from 4 to 8.

    - Bows
    C/B-grade bows: For an enchant level of 3 and lower, it has been increased from 3 to 6, and for an enchant level higher than 3, it has been changed from 6 to 12.
    D-grade bows: For an enchant level of 3 and lower, it has been increased from 3 to 4, and for an enchant level higher than 3, it has been changed from 4 to 8.

  2. The amount of crystals obtained when crystallizing a +4-enchanted one-piece item has been lowered.

7. Item Crafting-Related Changes

  1. When crafting dual-swords, instead of requiring adena as a fee, crystals will be needed instead.
  2. The amount of Rope of Magic needed when crafting normal/greater compressed packs of A-grade spiritshots or blessed spiritshots has been increased. The method of making C-grade compressed packs has changed.

8. The graphical animation displayed now differs by grade of soulshot. When using soulshot, a graphical effect for a critical hit has been added. For Dark Elves and Orcs, the graphical effect is different.

9. For smooth solo-play, the effects of Lesser Healing Potion, Healing Potion, and Greater Healing Potion have been increased. The effect of a beginner's health potion has been greatly increased.

10. A reuse delay of 0.5 seconds has been added to antidotes and bandages so they cannot be used in succession. The reuse delay of health recovery type of items is now 10 seconds.

11. The weights of Lesser Healing Potion, Healing Potion, Greater Healing Potion, and Beginner's Health Potion have been reduced from 20 to 5.

12. The grade for Reinforced Mithril Boots has been changed from D to C. Therefore, the amount of crystals obtained when crystallizing has been adjusted to reflect the amount of a C-grade items.

13. The amount of MP consumed when using bows has been reduced.

14. The prices for pet weapons/armor have been slightly adjusted.

15. For easy classification, the recipe icon color differs for each grade of recipes.
  • A-grade recipe: purple
  • B-grade recipe: red
  • C-grade recipe: yellow
  • D-grade recipe: blue
  • No grade recipe: white

Village NPCs

1. Village NPCs now have animations attached to their dialogue and will react to you interacting with them.

2. Trial of Equipment:

  • Before purchasing equipment through the trader, you can wear it to see how the character's appearance is changed.
  • You may attempt to wear the item that is a different grade, and this trial continues only for 10 seconds. If you try to wear other items, this trial is cancelled.

3. Manufacturing dual swords, giving special abilities to a weapon, high-end stores, and manufacturing through the village Blacksmith are now subject to the castle tax rate.

4. The magic trader of Gludin Village is allowed to sell dyes.

5. You can check the present status of the territory through the village trader.

Monsters and Hunting Ground

1. Re-arrangement of the Entire Hunting Ground
To increase the efficiency of hunting as a small party or when alone, the wide distribution of monsters in the entire hunting field was changed to a more concentrated arrangement and monster appearance time was adjusted. Due to this change, the total number of monsters was reduced. In the dungeon hunting ground, monster arrangement and appearance time was adjusted to make hunting more efficient and interesting. The HP ratio of dungeon-type monsters (those with higher HP than general monsters) was adjusted overall.

2. Deployment and Adjustment of the Monsters

  1. The existing monsters of Blazing Swamp in Aden Territory were deleted, and level 70~75 monsters were added.
  2. Monsters of the Fairy Valley were changed to dungeon-type monsters.
  3. The total number of monsters of the Elven Ruins in Talking Island were reduced, and dungeon-type monsters were replaced by general monsters.
  4. Salamander and Undine of the Elven Ruins on Talking Island were placed elsewhere in the dungeon.
  5. Dark Horrors and Lesser Dark Horrors were removed from the School of Dark Arts in the Dark Elven region, but they still exist in neighboring marshlands.
  6. The Ol Mahum Transcender was added to the Forest of Outlaws in Oren Territory.
  7. Monsters that appeared only at night were removed from the Ruins of Sorrow, Ruins of Despair, Execution Ground and Dragon Valley.
  8. The Timak Orc type monsters deployed in the field around the Crater of Ivory Tower were moved to Timak Outpost, and the level of these monsters was re-adjusted.
  9. The location of Raid Boss Elf Renoa was moved from Partisan Hideaway to the southwest of Elven village.
  10. Monsters around Lake Iris, south of Elven Village, and in the field, east of the Altar of Rites in the Dark Elves region, were removed, except for the Quest monsters.
  11. Treant Bremec was moved near Elven Village.
  12. Raid Boss Verfa was moved to the east mountain range.
  13. Raid Boss King Tarlk was moved from southwest of the Bandit Stronghold to northwest of the Ivory Tower.
  14. The Ghost of Peasant Leader was moved from around the south entrance of the Execution Ground to north of Giran Port.
  15. Barion was moved from the Bee Hive (name changed from "Hatu Bee Hive") across the river.
  16. Vuku Grand Seer Gharmash was moved from the west to the east of Gludio Castle.
  17. Bearded Keltirs, which new players hunt for the Tutorial Quest, have been replaced with Gremlins.
  18. The levels of many event monsters were re-adjusted, and their locations were changed.
  19. The recognition range of Orfen was greatly reduced.

3. Anakim and Lilith
Anakim, the Sacred Flame and Lilth, the Holy Mother of Abyss were added. To meet Anakim, you must join the Cabal of Dawn, win the event and possess the Seal of Greed. Then you may reach Anakim only through a specific NPC in the Disciples Necropolis. To meet Lilth, you must join the Cabal of Twilight and proceed in the same manner.

Anakim, the Sacred Flame

Lilith, Holy Mother of Abyss

4. New Raid Monsters



Soul Collector Acheron (level 42)

West of the Execution Ground

Roaring Lord Kastor (level 62)

Southwest of the Bandit Stronghold

Wing of Wind Naga (level 75)

South of the Border Outpost

Timak Seer Ragoth (level 57)

East of the Spore Sea

Revenant of Traitor Andras (level 78)

South of the Devastated Castle

Ancient Weird Drake (level 65)

South of the Hunter's Village

Vanor Chief Kandra (level 72)

West of the Aden Castle Village

Nightmare Drake (level 67)

Northeast of the Narsell Lake

Harit Hero Tamash (level 64)

West of the Anghel Waterfall

Last Titan Olcs (level 75)

Inside of the Giants Cave

Last Lesser Giant Glaki (level 78)

Inside of the Giants Cave

Doom Blade Tanatos (level 73)

North of the Ancient Battleground

Tree of Blood Virmilion (level 75)

Southeast of the Tower of Insolence

Palibati Queen Themis (level 70)

Seal of Shilen

Gargoyle Lord Tiphon (level 65)

Southwest of the Silent Valley

Taik High Prefect Arak (level 60)

The Cemetary

Zaken's Butcher Krantz (level 55)

The island above the Pirates Tunnel

Totem of Iron Giant (level 50)

Northwest of the Ivory Tower

Malruk's Witch Sekina (level 67)

North of the Dragon Valley

Bloody Empress Decarbia (level 75)

North of the Seal of Shilen

Beast Lord Behemoth (level 70)

West of the Narsell Lake

Partisan Leader Talakin (level 45)

Partisan Hideaway

Carnamakos (level 56)

Second Story of Cruma Tower

Death Lord Ipos (level 75)

Blazing Swamp

Lilith's Witch Marilion (level 50)

Catacomb of the Branded

Pagan Watcher Cerberon (level 55)

Catacomb of the Apostate

Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron (level 70)

Catacomb of the Witch

Death Lord Shax (level 75)

Disciples Necropolis

5. Various NPC AI

  • If monsters are attacked by multiple players, and among them are characters of much lower level, these monsters will attack the lower level characters with a certain success rate.
  • The haste for certain classes could be set higher for each monster.
  • Monsters that have the healing skill will use it when they determine that the monsters in their party are in danger.
  • Certain monsters can be transformed into other monsters in Combat.
  • Certain monsters tend to like one-on-one fighting against a player. If there are any characters within a two level difference, these monsters begin to attack them and call out their names. During a one-on-one fight with a monster, if other characters attack, that monster will request help from other monsters.
  • Sometimes, certain monsters use special skills.
  • During combat, a group of monsters sometimes target a specific character and use a concentrated attack.
  • Monsters who appear to be alone will sometimes summon their subordinates, once combat begins.
  • If a player is in danger during a fight against a monster, a hero monster appears to help the player.
  • Some monsters hide their real shape, and once the combat starts, they reveal their true form and fighting style.
  • Whenever monsters see other monsters in the same tribe and party dying, their attacking power increases by a certain numeric value.
  • If a character turns his back, monsters who use a dagger to make a surprise attack gain a certain success rate.

6. The names of the hunting grounds are broken down. Also, the name of the hunting ground called Hatu Bee Hive was changed to Bee Hive, and Tanor Silenos Barrack was changed to Tanor Canyon.

7. The list of items dropped by monsters was changed, and the maximum number of items that can be acquired through Spoil was increased to three. The success rate for getting finished goods through Spoil was added for high-level monsters.

8. For A-grade items, accessories, finished armor products and required material items can be acquired from general monsters. Finished weapon products can be acquired only through Raid Boss monsters. The required weapon material items can be acquired through Quest and Raid Boss monsters. There are only 60% and 70% recipes, all of which can be acquired through Quest monsters. A-grade crystals are no longer dropped.


1. MSN Messenger
Within Lineage II, players can use MSN Messenger service of Microsoft company (hereinafter MSN) and the friends list can be maintained and interacted with using MSN.

  • If you click the messenger icon at the lower left corner in the chat window, MSN Messenger window is enabled.
  • In Lineage II, you can do one-to-one chatting using MSN with other players registered in the friends list, without a separate MSN registration.
  • If you log in with your MSN Messenger ID through MSN in the game, you can do multi-point chatting with other MSN users outside of the game.
  • In MSN in the game, you can use the basic functions of MSN, such as chatting, user invitation and my status change, but such functions as file transfer or video chatting are not supported.
  • The list is divided and classified into the L2 Friends and MSN Friends groups; L2 Friends is a list of existing Lineage II friends and, if you log in with your MSN ID, MSN Friends list is displayed in the appropriate account.

Friends Registration and Classification

  • If you click the Add Friends button, you can enter the name of the characters to be added or MSN account number. If you want to register friends within the game, enter the name of the character or just point to the character and click the Add Friends button. If you want to register MSN user, enter MSN account number.

MSN Account Accessed Within the Game

  • When you play with other character or on a different server and log into MSN using the same MSN account, your MSN Friends list is displayed the same, but the L2 Friends list is maintained by character. So, even if you log in with the same MSN account, the L2 Friends list maintained with the other character is not compatible.
  • Sometimes, there are some text characters that are not compatible between MSN and Lineage II. When you interact with users outside of the game, the incompatible characters are displayed as the "□" mark.

2. Mail System Within the Game

  • You can send and receive mail to and from other characters within the same server.
  • When mail arrives, the system message is displayed to notify you of the arrival of mail. If mail arrives after logout, you can see a system message that a new mail has arrived when you access the game.
  • Clan leaders at the clan level 2 or above can send mail to all the clan members using the "Send to All" function in the Clan Maintenance menu.
  • Mail sent or received is automatically deleted after three months, and the days remaining until deletion is displayed in the mail.
  • If you want to keep mail permanently, you can keep up to 100 mails in your mailbox.
  • The number of mails that can be sent per day is limited to 10 per account.
  • If you want to send mail to multiple receivers at one time, just list the names of the characters and place a semicolon at the end of each name. You can send mail to a maximum of five individuals at one time. If any names of characters included in the mail are not in the server, the mail cannot be sent.
  • If you don't want to receive mail from particular characters, just register them in the Block List by using the /Block command.

3. Maintenance of the Friends List
In the Community menu, you can maintain your friends list and the blocked characters list you registered.


1. Change in the Update Window
As you receive an update, you can check the notices about the game at the same time. Therefore, the previous notice window displayed after entering the account number was removed. Also, the "Full Check" button has been changed to "Check File".

2. Server Selection Window

  • The crowdedness of a server is now displayed in colors. A green color shows a smooth operating condition, and a red color means that there are many users, or the server is down for maintenance.
  • The Server Selection Guide has been added to the bottom of the Server Selection window.

3. Character Selection Window

  • The character you last played is now pre-selected.
  • On the characters to be deleted window, the number of days left until they are to be deleted is now displayed.
  • The location of the Game Start button was changed to the bottom center.
  • In the Character Selection window, the property of the selected character is now displayed.

4. Quest Window

  • If you click the Open button[+] of the Quest being processed on the Quest Window, you can now see step-by-step processing information. You can also see whether or not the interim goal of the quest has been completed.
  • The quest information now shows what quest items are needed for the current quest, as well as the quantity of short items.
  • 15 quests, the maximum quantity that can be processed at one time, are now displayed on the Quest Window.
  • The proper execution level is now displayed below the quest name.
  • The types of quests, including one-time quests, repeated quests, and party or solo, are marked by icons that are easy to understand.
  • An indicator for the location of a particular NPC that is part of a quest was added. When you use this, the location of the targeted NPC is displayed on the mini map and, in particular quests, the direction to NPC is shown using arrows.

5. Abnormal State Display Window
Previously, various kinds of abnormal character states (buffs and debuffs) were effective up to 20, but now additional effects over 20 are shown for the following cases:

- The Chant of Life and Heart of Paagrio skills are now effective even if the abnormal state windows are over 20. However, only one of the skills is valid and both skills cannot be effective at the same time.
- Energy Charging State, Weight Penalty State, Total Block State, Damage Zone Mark, and Item Grade Penalty State are all now separately displayed.

6. Display of Region
A character's current location is now displayed as text on the Mini Map window, and when the character moves, the name of the region he enters is automatically displayed on the screen.

7. Party Member State

  • You can now see the abnormal state of party members by their icons.
  • You can now see the class of party members by their icons.
  • The party leader is now displayed on the Party window.
  • If the leader leaves the party, now one of the remaining party members will become the leader.

8. Monster Attribute Information Display
If you point to a monster and enlarge its window, you can now see its attribute information. The displayed monster attributes are Tribe, Defense Type, Dungeon Type and Passive Skills.

9. Clan Action Window

  • On the Clan Action window, you can now see information about ongoing clan battles.
  • Title deletion and clan badge deletion indicators have been added.

10. Mini Map

  • The mini map, previously supported as an existing item, is now included in the system menu. (shortcut key: ALT + M)
  • On the mini map, you can now see the enlarged map of each village. The village maps show the major functions of the village.
  • If you enable the location display in connection with "Find NPC Target" in the Quest window, the location of the quest-related target is now displayed on the mini map.
  • The time within the game is now displayed on the Mini Map window.

11. Window in the Game
Only the window in the game you selected last is now displayed clearly, while previous windows are shown as semitransparent.

12. Servitor and Pet State Window
You can now check the abnormal state of Servitors and Pets.

13. Shortcut Window

The number of slots has been increased from 10 to 12.


1. Added New Quests

Mimir's Elixir (Solo-type) / Ivory Tower, Magister Ladd

You, who acquired the Star of Destiny through the Whisper of Fate, can find the eternal wisdom contained in the Spring Water of Mimir. You stand at the end of fate. Now, develop a new destiny with your own hands...

A new challenge for adventurers who have reached the highest level. When you complete this quest, you can acquire a subclass.

Now, Loading the Power to the Blade (Solo-type) / Giran Castle Town

The Soul Crystal thirsts for stronger souls. Only when you confront the most powerful and strongest monsters can you grasp two levels of the Soul Crystal in your hands...

Now, you can make levels 11 and 12 of the Soul Crystal and you can use it to give special abilities to the weapon of the highest caliber.

Help Rood Raise A New Pet! (Solo-type) / Heine, Pet Manager Rood

Pet Manager Rood is developing a new pet. His target is Lienrik living in the Field of Whispers. But who will bring the eggs of Lienrik for him to hatch...?     

A quest for adventurers level 39 to 44. A special bonus will be paid if you are fortunate to get a female egg!

Power of Darkness (Solo-type) / Dragon Valley, Valley Trader Galman

Trader Galman started business in the Dragon Valley, but his lover is dying from an unknown illness. He made every effort and searched everywhere to find the cure, but continued to fail. After all, he wanted to get the Power of Darkness, which should not be touched...    

A quest for adventurers at levels 55~60 who are hunting in the Dragon Valley.

Conquest of Alligator Island (Solo-type) / Heine, Warehouse Keeper Kluck

To fight back at humans who are monopolizing the trade of Innadril, Warehouse Keeper Kluck attempts to establish a free trade zone in neighboring Alligator Island. To do this, someone should slay monsters that are swarming all over Alligator Island. What adventurers will participate in the Conquest of Alligator Island...?

A quest for adventurers at levels 41~49 who are hunting on Alligator Island. If you collect 10 rare Map Fragments, you can begin a new quest called "Treasure Hunting".

Family Honor (Solo-type) / Town of Oren, Trader Galibredo

Trader Galibredo asserts that his ancestor was a high-ranking nobleman of the ancient Elmoreden Empire. However, who would believe him? He has the bust of an ancestor created by Berona, the great sculptor of the empire. Then, he was robbed of the bust by Timak Orc.

A quest for adventurers at levels 42~49. If you collect the busts of Galfredo Romer and bring them to Trader Galibredo, you will receive a reward, and if you bring 100 or more at one time, you will even receive a special bonus! In addition, if you find the sculptures of Berona, bring them to Antique Dealer Patrin to seek an expert opinion. The sculptures you found, are they expensive treasures or cheap imitations?

Dig Up the Sea of Spores! (Solo-type) / Ivory Tower, Magister Gauen

The ever-expanding Sea of Spores! Although the Watch Tower prevents expansion, it should not be neglected any more. In order to begin research on the Spore Sea, Magister Gauen of the Ivory Tower is looking for a person to gather the spores...

A quest for adventurers at levels 43~51. You can select rewards in XP, SP or adena.

Warehouse Keeper's Ambition (Solo-type) / Hunters Village, Warehouse Freighman Silva

Warehouse Keeper Silva looks gentle, but actually she is a woman of ambition who tries to force out Sorint to become the next Warehouse Chief! To do so, she must perform better than Sorint, who is making decent profits from the Coin Collector Club. Indeed, will the ambition of the Warehouse Freightman be achieved...?

A quest for adventurers at levels 50~57 hunting in Fairy Valley. If you bring 100 or more Jade Crystals, you will receive an even bigger reward.

Illegitimate Child of Goddess (Solo-type) / Town of Aden, Grand Master Oltlin

To Dark Elves, Shilen is the Creator and a just goddess of Revenge. However, the monsters of Shilen, wandering around the land of Aden, completely deny this religious doctrine. To establish the authority of Shilen, Grand Master Oltlin of the Dark Elf Guild is looking for competent adventurers who can remove these monsters...

A quest for adventurers at level 63 or above. Perfect for soloing or a small party. As a reward, you can receive an A-grade accessory recipe.

For Sleepless Deadman (Solo-type) / Town of Aden, High Priest Orven

A destroyed castle, where the wounds of the ancient war have not been healed yet. The Undead who are wandering around the castle are all spirits of people who lost their lives in the war. Who will give them rest...?

A quest for adventurers at level 60 or above. If you are lucky, you can receive as a reward the required materials necessary for manufacturing A-grade accessories.

Plunder Their Supplies (Solo-type) / Town of Aden, Guard Coleman

The Cemetery is where the royal families and heroes in the past were buried. However, taking advantage of shoddy management, the Orcs are using this place as a supply position. Guard Coleman of the Town of Aden is preparing an attack to block the supply line of the Taik Orcs...

A quest for adventurers at levels 52~59. If you want to get a bigger reward, you must find out the supply certificate of the Taik Orcs!

Devil' s Legacy (Party-type) / Giran Castle Town, Warehouse Keeper Randolf

Legendary Great Pirate Zaken! According to Legend, on Devil's Island there remained treasures hidden secretly by Zaken's men who betrayed him. To find them, Warehouse Keeper Randolf suggested taking the treasures from the Pirate Zombie...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 40~56. If you bring the Treasure Trove of the pirate, Warehouse Keeper Randolf will give you an adena reward. However, Warehouse Keeper Collob said he can open the Treasure Trove. As a reward, you can receive C-grade weapons and armor, enchanted scrolls and other items.

Silver Haired Shaman (Party-type) / Giran Castle Town, Magister Dieter

Magister Dieter of Giran Castle Town is interested in the dolls with silver hair discovered recently on Devil' s Island. He asks you to go to Devil's Island, knock down the dolls, and get their silver hair...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 45~58.

Great Adventure: Electrifying Recharge! (Party-type) / Outside Cruma Tower, Researcher Lorain

Researcher Lorain discovered that the monster of Cruma Tower, Catherok, is the power source that moves ancient relics. Giving you the relics, Lorain asks you to get the lightning of Catherok, which is an electrifying and empowering sensation! Caution: Overcharging may cause equipment problems...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 40~45. Since you must be attacked by the monster's skill to complete the quest, you need a new strategy rather than simply killing the monster. You can receive various kinds of dye as a reward!

Trespassing into the Sacred Area (Party-type) / Heine, Priestess Restina

Monsters have intruded into the Garden of Eva! Eva's Priestess Restina wants to slay the intruders who defile the Holy Ground...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 37~48.

Collector of Jewels (Party-type) / Gludin Village, Magister Nell

Magister Nell asks you to get the fragment of elemental stone from the Forgotten Temple. However, the man who taught Nell about the elemental stone looks strange in some way...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 30~37.

A Wiseman Sows Seeds (Party-type) / Wasteland, Wiseman Casian

Origin of Wasteland. Forbidden Magic. Wiseman Casian was there when the magic power devastated the green earth and created all sorts of monsters. Hoping to restore the contaminated Wasteland to its original condition, Wiseman Casian asks you to find Great Magus Kranvel's Spellbook...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 33~42. Great Magus Kranvel's Spellbook is comprised of four chapters: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. In order to collect all four parts, exchange the items among party members.

Shriek of Ghosts (Party-type) / Town of Aden, Seer Reva

Endless winter is coming. The fury of the ghosts whirling around the Tower of Insolence is just one of the signs. In order to make the crying ghosts sleep, Seer Reva asks you to collect the Ash Urn of the ancient people...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 64~71 who are hunting at the Tower of Insolence. If you bring 100 or more of the ancient people's Ash Urn at one time, you can receive an additional reward. Bring the pottery without ash to the Antique Dealer to seek an expert opinion. That way, you can determine the true value of the pottery.

Legacy of Insolence (Party-type) / Town of Aden, Warehouse Keeper Walderal

Saying that the Tower of Insolence is the essence of Dwarf's architecture, Warehouse Keeper Walderal wants to regain the vanished drawings of the tower. While searching the Tower of Insolence at his request, you discover a variety of ancient scrolls...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 64~75 who are hunting at the Tower of Insolence. You can receive the recipes for A-grade helmets, boots, and gloves as a reward. In order to collect all of the drawings divided into 13 parts, exchange the items among party members. It is also said that you can receive a reward for bringing the ancient scrolls and drawings to someone...

Supplier of Reagents (Party-type) / Ivory Tower, Trader Wesley

Trader Wesley is supplying potions for research to the sorcerers of the Ivory Tower. However, recently, the supply of potions was interrupted, so he asks you to collect the materials...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 62~75 who are hunting at the Tower of Insolence or Blazing Swamp. You can collect various kinds of materials and make a variety of potions using the material-mixing clay pot in the basement of the Ivory Tower. Wesley gives many kinds of rewards, based on the potions brought to him. In particular, you can receive the recipe for many kinds of A-grade equipment and required items.

Whisper of Dreams - Part 1 (Party-type) / Giran Castle Town, Seer Manakia

Having been plagued by a continuous stream of mysterious dreams recently, Seer Manakia of Giran Castle Town intends to perform a religious service. Go to the Lair of Antharas and get the materials for the religious service requested by Manakia.

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 60~65 who are hunting at the Lair of Antharas. You can receive a recipe for an A-grade robe as the reward. The "mysterious stone" acquired during the quest is the connecting link to the next part of this quest. However, you should first dissolve the seal of the stone...

Whisper of Dreams - Part 2 (Party-type) / Giran Castle Town, Seer Manakia

When you dissolve the seal of the mysterious stone and bring it to Seer Manakia, you receive a new request. Return to the Lair of Antharas and get the materials requested by Manakia...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 65~71 who are hunting at the Lair of Antharas. You can receive a recipe for an A-grade robe as the reward.


Exploration of Giants Cave - Part 1 (Party-type) / Giants Cave Entrance, Head Researcher Sobling

Head Researcher Sobling wants to organize a large-scale exploration group to search Giants Cave. However, to do this, he must submit to the guild officers evidence that the valuable ancient heritages were found in the Giants Cave...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 55~65 who are exploring Giants Cave. In order to collect everything Sobling is looking for, exchange the items among party members. If you discover the mysterious scrolls while performing the mission, bring them to Warehouse Keeper Cliff. If you complete the mission, you can receive a recipe for A-grade armor as the reward.

Exploration of Giants Cave - Part 2 (Party-type) / Giants Cave Entrance, Head Researcher Sobling

The quest begins if you bring the Head Researcher Sobling the Ancient Language Intermediary Dictionary that you received from Warehouse Keeper Cliff. Sobling asks you to explore the Giants Cave once again...

A quest for adventurers' party at levels 55~65 who are exploring Giants Cave. You can receive a recipe for A-grade armor as the reward.

Magnificent Feast (Solo-type) / Dion Castle Town, Warehouse Chief Ranspo

Warehouse Chief Ranspo of Dion Castle Town is very busy these days because the inspector who was dispatched from the guild will come for an inspection soon. Saying that he must prepare a splendid dinner to entertain the inspector, Ranspo orders you to find and bring the best wine, dishes, dessert, and music...

The last quest of the "Adept of Taste" chronicle. After you complete Adept of Taste, Fantasy Wine, Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients!, and Jovial Accordion, you can see the conclusion of this quest.

Fantasty Wine (Solo-type) / Dion Castle Town, Guard Harlan

Guard Harlan of Dion Castle Town says his family has made wine for generations. Recently, he wants to make a new wine to celebrate his daughter's birthday and he needs someone to get the material. He promises that, if you comply with his request, he will give you one of his precious wines...

A quest for adventurers at levels 20~25. The Wine Part of "Adept of Taste" chronicles. You can attempt this quest many times and receive one of the three different kinds of wines as a reward.

Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients! (Solo-type) / Dion Castle Town, Magister Rollant

Magister Rollant has a vast knowledge of cooking. He complained about the cooking competition held at Dion Castle recently and says that true proper cooking reveals the taste of the ingredients. Get Rollant the ingredients for cooking and experience the real taste of these dishes...!

A quest for adventurers at levels 24~29. The Dessert Part of the "Adept of Taste" chronicles.

Let's Become a Royal Member! (Solo-type) / Hunters Village, Warehouse Keeper Sorint

Finally, Warehouse Keeper Sorint introduces the "Royal Membership," a special membership level of the Coin Collector Group! However, he requires that you prove your ability first before you can become a Royal Member, and tells you to get the Coin of the Sorcerer Kail...

A quest for adventurers at levels 55~65. If you want to get the Royal Membership, you must complete this quest. Of course, you must have a 1-grade membership card of the Coin Collector Group.

Kail's Magic Coin (Solo-type) / Hunters Village, Head Blacksmith Vergara

The quest that can only be undertaken by the Royal Members of the Coin Collector Group. These days, Head Blacksmith Vergara of the Hunters Village is collecting coins from the Coin of Sorcerer Kail series. He promises that if you bring him the coins he wants, he will give you the recipe for an A-grade weapon as the reward...

Searching for Treasure (Solo-type) / Heine, Trader Espen

This quest begins when you bring Trader Espen the treasure map you discovered in the Conquest of Alligator Island. Espen is a great pirate aficionado and he especially knows everything about Zaken! You need his help to interpret the Treasure Map of the Pirate. Indeed, where is the Treasure of the Great Pirate, and what is the hidden treasure...?

Warehouse Keeper's Pastime (Solo-type) / Town of Oren, Warehouse Keeper Cliff

Dwarf Warehouse Keepers enjoy killing time by playing a game of Bingo for a medal. But the medal to be used in Bingo was robbed! Warehouse Keeper Cliff asks you to reclaim the medal and, as a reward, promises that he will give you a chance to play Bingo, even though it is only for Warehouse Keepers...

Yoke of the Past (Party-type) / Entrance to Catacombs/Necropolis, Gatekeeper Ziggurat

The Gatekeeper Ziggurat is an ancient gate keeper responsible for 8 Necropolis and 6 Catacombs. He was once human, but his soul was sealed by an ancient magic, and he must endure hardships watching the Underground Temple. He asks you to find the Ancient Scroll he needs to dissolve the Seal. Can his hope be realized? Why is the Trader of Mammon collecting empty scrolls...?

A quest that adventurers of all levels from 20 to 75 can undertake. The empty scrolls acquired as rewards for this quest are used when you deal with the Trader of Mammon.

2. Changes from the Previous Quest

  • How to become an Orc Raider: The number of Traitor Orcs has been reduced to one. Accordingly, you will no longer receive the traitor list provided by Karukia, but receive only one list for that particular Orc. Previously, you could get Green Blood from the goblin robbers and the leader of the goblin robbers, but now you can only get the blood from the leader of the goblin robbers.
  • Little Wing's Big Adventure: The Soul of Tree Guardian, that comes out when blighting the trees, now de-spawns after 10 minutes.
  • How to become a Wizard:  Previously, you could get the Token of Fire when you caught Pinrul, but now it happens when you catch the Ratman Fighters.
  • Song of the Hunter: If you perform A- or B-grade requests when you have the Hunter License Circle 2, you can now get the reward from Tor.
  • A quest explanation step was added to all quests, based on the newly-changed quest interface.
  • The monster you must catch in the tutorial quest was changed from Bearded Keltir to Gremlin.

3. When you receive two or more quests from one NPC, whether the quest is completed or in process is now displayed.


1. When you finish the Mimir's Elixir quest, you can go to each occupation grand master and select a subclass.

2. If you increase one subclass to level 75, you can select up to three additional subclasses.

3. If you select a subclass, level and first ability value, the skills are changed to the character with a level 40 in the subclass.

4. You can switch between your main class and your subclasses through the appropriate Master of each class in the village.

5. There is no time limit or number of times that you can switch classes.

6. When switching classes, the buff state and symbol information is not maintained.

7. Property of character, PvP/PK counter, information related to the clan/siege, recommended numeric value and number of votes, friends list, party information, numeric value related to the Seven Signs, and quest information are retained as in the previous class. Warehouse and inventory are also shared. Therefore, please note that, when switching classes, in some cases, you are not able to move due to weight restrictions.

8. If the race of the main class is Elf or Dark Elf, you may not select either class as a subclass to the other class. You may not select either the Overlord or Warsmith class as a subclass.

You can choose a subclass by finishing the Spring Water of Mimir quest.

9. You may not select a similar class as the subclass. The occupations classified as similar classes are as follows:

  • Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker and Abyss Walker
  • Hawkeye, Silver Ranger and Phantom Ranger
  • Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight and Shillien Knight
  • Warlocks, Elemental Summoner and Phantom Summoner
  • Elder and Shillien Elder
  • Swordsinger and Bladedancer
  • Sorcerer, Spellsinger and Spellhowler

10. The subclass is connected to the Hero System that will be implemented later. You can switch the main class to Hero, only when one or more subclasses reaches level 75. Whatever subclass you select, the kinds of subclasses do not affect the Hero System, and the subclasses are not switched to Heroes.

New Player Bonuses

To make it easier for newly starting customers of Lineage II to enjoy the game, special bonuses are offered to distinguish them from already playing customers of Lineage II.

1. New Character Definition
If an account has no characters at level 25 or above on a particular server, the new character bonuses are activated and applied to only one character at the highest level among the characters at level 25 or below on that account. If there are no characters on that server, the new character bonuses will be applied to the first character that becomes level 5 or above and, if this character becomes level 25 or above, the bonuses are rescinded.

2. New Character Exceptions
  • If the very first character past level 6 is deleted, the remaining characters will not receive any new character bonuses.
  • Even if the very first character past level 6 levels down, and another character is made level 6, the bonuses are only given to the original, first level 6+ character.
  • Information for characters on other servers is not taken into account. Only the server which is being played on currently will be taken into account. That is, even if there are characters above level 6 on other servers, the new character bonuses will not be given out.
  • Once level 25 is achieved, the bonuses are no longer given. After that, if the character levels down, the bonuses will still not be given.
  • New characters are defined using the character information at the time of the Chronicle 3 update. If there are two characters of the same level, 25 or lower, then one character is selected randomly.
  • If there are any classes that have done the 2nd class transfer, then no matter what the level is, the new character status will not be given.

3. New Character Bonus

  1. Additional Quest Rewards
    New characters receive additional quest rewards that are not given to the other characters. Fighters receive 13,000 no-grade Soulshots, and Mystics receive 6,000 no-grade Spiritshots. They receive Soulshots and Spiritshots twice: when they begin the game for the first time and when they perform the sword quest early on at level 10.

  2. Buff Magic from Newbie Guides
    New characters may receive various kinds of support magic free of charge through the Newbie Guide NPC located in each village. These buffs last for 60 minutes and are based on the following character levels:

    • Levels 10-24 - Wind Walk
    • Levels 11-23 - Shield
    • Levels 12-22 - Bless the Body (Fighter), Bless the Soul (Mystic)
    • Levels 13-21 - Vampiric Rage (Fighter), Acumen (Mystic)
    • Levels 14-20 - Regeneration (Fighter), Concentration (Mystic)
    • Levels 15-19 - Haste (Fighter), Empower (Mystic)
    • Levels 16-19 - Life Cubic

    Guide NPC

  3. Equipment Exchange
    New characters can purchase higher-level items by paying the difference in the price between the equipment they have now and the higher-level equipment they want to buy.

    In the starting villages, Gludin, and Gludio Castle Town, all No Grade weapons, armor, and jewelry can be traded at the weapons, armor, and accessory traders.

    Exchange of Equipment

Mini Games

1. Lottery

  • The lottery period has been extended from 2 days to 1 week. Each week's lottery winners are drawn every Saturday night.
  • 4th place has been designated 'nada' (or 'all for naught'), and the payoff has been changed from 200 adena to 2 adena, with the remainder redistributed to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
  • In every town, the lottery vendor has been moved next to the gatekeeper.

2. Monster Derby Track

  • You can no longer bet on who will come in second.
  • The monster race track also operates at night; therefore, it operates 24 hours a day.
  • One may access the monster race track for free by using the Dion, Giran, Aden, Heine, Oren, Hunter's Village, Gludio, and Gludin town gatekeepers. Also, one may use the gatekeeper at the track to return to the point of origin, for free.
  • The lowest percentage has been changed from 1.0 times to 1.25 times (the indicated amount, however, reads 1.3 times in the game).
  • The broadcast towers charge no fees for spectator's mode.
  • The race manager in the Town of Aden has been removed.
  • Adjacent to the monster race track, a combat arena has been added.

Other Changes

1. When a new character is created, they start the game with an item called the "Tutorial Guide". The Tutorial Guide explains the basics of Lineage II.

2. After a new character enters the game for the first time, that character starts near the location of the monster that the player must hunt while performing the Tutorial Quest. If the character dies while performing the Tutorial Quest, the character begins at the starting point, not at a nearby village as before. The beginner helper NPC is situated nearby, so that the player can ask questions using the dialog window while hunting.

3. At the dock, the remaining time until the arrival of each regular boat is reported through a system message.

4. A glow effect option was added to the graphic options. This is enabled when a user's graphic card supports Shader 2.0 or above.

5. The anti-aliasing function was added to the graphic options.

6. Screenshots can now be saved in bitmap and multiple JPEG formats.

7. Please try /unstuck command when a character is trapped in an immovable geographic location. If it is determined that the character really is confined in the map, the character is quickly moved to a nearby place. If it is determined otherwise, the five-minute escape function is activated and the character is moved to a nearby village after five minutes.